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caffeinelord Apr 13, 2009

I have no idea where I'm at... I have to count to figure it out, haha. xD I'll get to it someday.

What else do you like to watch? ^^

chibikunXIII Apr 13, 2009

Naivness...Right? I'm going to watch Zombie Loan, since I said I would watch it, um, 3 weeks ago..^^'

I think I'll add it to my ''watching'' list =3

LianaV Apr 13, 2009

Thanks for the welcome!

chibikunXIII Apr 13, 2009

''Woah! Quel beau gosse!!'' Indeed!!

(Woah, what a handsome guy!!)

Interesting, that Shibuya-kun looks like a total idiot!! I'm sure he'll learn to be smart!! Eh, weird, the idea of changing world by being flushed in a toilet...

@w@ no?


chibikunXIII Apr 13, 2009

Yeah!! Still, I don't know if I will watch all KKM(M?)

'Cuz I also have something else, I said I would to someone...

Well, It's only 13 episodes, I guess I'll be able!!

God, so bad I have to wait my friend to watch Bleach TT^TT


<3 Shiro-kun and watermelons!!