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I don't think anyone enjoys seeing two men in a ring , beating each other to pulp and sweating the heck out , neither I do because it's dumb and rather boring but this show made it like you'll highly enjoy boxing battles and there will be cases , where you'll even end up loving opponents.

Show is realistic for most of the time, so even real boxers can enjoy this show.

This series is really addicting and enjoyable , As you watch more if it , You keep wanting more and more , eventually maybe even starting to read manga and without fail it has always made me laugh and It isn't deep or anything complicated , You just sit back and enjoy their boxing world. There's also bit of romance hidden in late episodes , Of course there's also drama then and there , which can make you re-think things like is boxing really that worth of hobby and you'll see through Ippo eyes how far he can go with his love for boxing.

Throughout series you can see how Ippo grows ups and trains every day , getting stronger by day and getting tougher enemies every time he wins. It's really interesting to see how against tough enemies and I must say , fights are really hard to predict.

Every time when Ippo gets tough opponent , You just can't help it but root for him and swing fists with him and when atmosphere gets tense , your heart is literally racing and enemy seems to be not going down so easily...

Ippo is not only one getting all great figths and credits , There's a lot more characters that are just so likeable & unique , for example supporting characters - Takamura with his perverted mind , Aoki with his weird taste on girls and Kimura with Aoki always arguing which boxing is better and stuff. Ippo friends are all equally funny and They all support Ippo to make him into fine boxer. 

While they are in ring , Music almost always seems to be right on crack , Making fights even more tense. Openings & Endings really fits to boxing theme. Sometimes when doing sports , I listen to Hajime no Ippo OST and it really makes you all fired up.

9/10 story
8/10 animation
9/10 sound
10/10 characters
9/10 overall

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