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Hey guys, wizardapproved here!

I've been watching anime since late 2013, and I'll watch (almost) anything from (almost) any genre if I think it looks interesting! I'm more familiar with MAL, but I like Anime Planet so far too.

Some shows/movies I really love (in no particular order)

 Monogatari Series

 Kara no Kyoukai


 Clannad: After Story

 Gurren Lagann

 Legend of the Galactic Heroes


 Ping Pong the Animation

 The Tatami Galaxy


 Samurai Champloo


 The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya

 Hibike! Euphonium


 Ghost in the Shell: SAC


 Spirited Away


 Carnival Phantasm






 Ore! Monogatari

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Edock Dec 20, 2015

Hey just randomly though of you. :3 Hope you are doing well! :D

Edock Aug 14, 2015

Oh yea! The last episode was amazing. Walking up the building and destroying all the swords. :o

Edock Aug 13, 2015

Finished Katanagatari, thanks for recommending it! It was so good!

Edock Aug 4, 2015

Yesh. I never heard of Kotonoha no Niwa but it does look really good. 5 centimeters per second has pretty good background as does Non Non Biyori actually. :D

Yea man, Nadeko I completly agree with you. Also, it she was a pretty interesting villian.

Monster Musume is alright. Lots of fanservice obviously, but its kinda one of those anime you just have to watch because of how popular it is. :D Gangsta is pretty good, kinda like Black Lagoon more though. And overlord isn't bad either. A MMO anime with a little twist. :D What do you think of them?

Edock Aug 3, 2015

Yea I agree with you about fanservice. Like the toothbrush scene was alright because it was funny and different. But random panty shots and stuff like that, just really doesn't add anything to the show IMO. But eh, to each their own. :) Yea man, the art is so good in the series. This along with Madoka Magicka have to have my favorite design. 

Nadeko...where to even begin. I am with you on this. I liked her at first but she broke my heart. I was pissed at her. All this trouble because she didn't get to be with a boy. I know she is a teen still but cmon. 

Have you read the light novels? If so I'm very jealous.

Ah awesome! Yea it really isn't a binge watch anime. It's a more of a "I'm stressed, need to watch anime" anime. :D It just makes you feel warm inside. With that being said, I did end up watching the first episode of Katanagatari and wow it was so good. Both funny and cool fight scenes. Love the dialogue. Your right though the art is a bit different. :)