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Likes: horror anime,fluff anime

dislikes: ecchi and the annoying romance when there is just one person chasing the other and the one being chased is cold and manipulative 

if you follow me I will follow back 🤟💕

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BabyGirlKaylie Jul 20, 2021

The follow was my pleasure, and thank you! I'd say my top three are One Piece, Attack on Titan, and Code Geass? I don't know, I have a lot of favorites. What about you?

Glitterz Jul 20, 2021

O my goodness, I love your headerphoto of Azula!!🔥

Haha, I hope you have a great day/evening ✨

20f Jul 14, 2021

Thanks for the follow I followed you back😊

Have a nice day/night!

Tohru Honda 2019 Gif

osaka Jul 4, 2021

Hey hey!! 

I am soo sorry that I wasn't replying to your comments- I know it was a long long time ago but well-
My school was ending and had to keep up with exams. But now i am back and i hope w can talk a bit anyway :<<

Answering to your questions-

here is ur comment cuz i can you can forgot haha- "It’s fine don't worry I normally respond after awhile anyways
You said orders what do you sell? Anything interesting?
I barely have time for gaming which is really sad but when I do I play genshin but I will definitely check out the games you suggested and of course we can play co op together! My Instagram is @_the_mickey_mouse_crack_house if you want to dm me your code for coop or just talk there. I know the name is super cringe haha. Also a few of my friends are obsessed with Wilber Soot aswell. But yeah i barely get any free time cos I have gymnastics, school and I'm learning Russian with strict parents who make me revise all the time but when I do I play genshin, watch anime,listen to music and draw but I'm not very good haha. do u like to draw?"

I can reply to both of the questions tho because I sell my drawings and that is because I love drawing hahaha- basically yeah :P

And also I see we are practically the same age and have similar interests- glad to hear that!! ^^ <33

osaka Apr 28, 2021

Hello there!! Sorry for not replying to your comment but I was really busy with all the school assignments and packaging my orders :<<

But here is my response- ^3^

It is hard to say because I like a lot but some of my favourites are- Honkai impact- this one is personally my number one, Genshin impact- which is also good but i like better Honkai, don't know why haha, I also like Sky: children of the light but I went through it at on day so it is hard to say what my opinion is about it haha, Identity V is super cool... and many more- basically my ultimate favourite is Honkai Imapct 3rd. 

But I wanted to start playing Overwatch and few other games like- arknights, azur lane etc.- I mean I played them before but to start it more seriously? nevermind xDD- 

If you want I recommend all of them and if you will start some of them we can always play in co-op! <3 I would always love to- but it is just a question not anything more ^^

ah- I have definitely too many but If I have to say
my few favourites I would say-

from artists- I don't have one favourite but I definitely can say that I love Florence + the machine and she have the voice of a goddess :<< I love her and her music sm hafsdgfagh, Wilbur Soot omg- shadawp I love his songs too freaking much haha- yeah but he is the best. I love many artist but there are too many so I will not list all of them here because It will take too long lmao-

and I do have favourite songs!

here are some of them- your new boyfriend - Wilbur soot, saline solution - Wilbur, I’m in love with an e-girl - Wilbur soot, jubilee line - Wilbur, starboy - the weeknd, Make up your mind - Florence + the machine, dog days are over - Florence + the machine, spectrum and hunger also from Florence + the machine and from her also rabbit heart haha, blade runner 2049 - synthwave goose, hml - sisyfuss, everything I wanted - billie eilish, freakshow - punkinloveee and H3artcrush, washing machine heart - mitski, take a slice - glass animals, star shopping - lil peep, rasputin - boney m, watermelon - tom rhosental, girl in red songs are also good, unsainted - slipknot and also from them neroforte, duality and basically all songs from we are not your king album, dirty paws - omam. Some of my fav j-pop are no.7 - tv size ver from hanako kun, all songs by the peggies, lost umbrella, kikuo songs, kaikan kitan from jujutsu kaisen, world is mine of course, moon pride from sailor moon, kiss of death from ditf. 

and from genres my favourite are- mostly alternative but I love also nu-metal (basically slipknot and only slipknot haha), of course j-pop! <3, and I like also music without vocal (not zen etc. but for example this song 'blade runner 2049' or 'aglow' is what i am talking about ;D, and sometimes but now I wouldn't say so because I don't listen to it anymore clasical music and if so mostly vivaldi- but as i mentioned now I haven't listen to this type of music for a long time :P