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Jul 22, 2021

Idk why ppl like this anime is about a noisy selfish girl and a angel, literally the boy does everything for her and she doesn't give a shit, she just uses him to get her stupid wish of wanting to date his bf (who ALREADY LIKED her but she rejected him and after a year when he had already gotten over it, she wants to date him) And she doesn't care about anything else around her, like her friend who likes the "angel" but she never noticed...but yes she showed an "act of love" 2 or 3 times (only at the end of the anime) while the boy showed every episode that he loved her. And at the end of it all when they finally get together she leaves him???? Like wuttt?? Idnu nothing and I didn't even want to know, but otherwise I liked the other characters, she was the  only one who really got me pissed and made me hate this anime.lmao no one are gonna read this

3/10 story
8.9/10 animation
7/10 sound
4.5/10 characters
5/10 overall
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