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bioknight Aug 21, 2020

bakugo sucks you need mental help

lesbianjesus Aug 20, 2020

so youre another one of those people ignoring his horrible writing.

its extremely obvious he did not regret what he said to izuku. he woul have said something about it instead of continuing to harass him. izuku was assaulted, harassed and beaten down for years and yet multiple of you are saying hes developing and that hes a good person. no, he isnt. his writing was poor and nobody reacted whenever he did something wrong to izuku. all might almost let bakugo put izuku in the hospital if it werent for izuku doing it himself. 

he is just as horrible as before but with some out-of-character moments. he should have developed after being declined from u.a because of his awful behavior. you excusing his behavior with 'he's developing' is pointless because from what i've seen hes just as annoying and horrible and many people still say that even after watching the most recent seasons. he didnt develop with a reason which is extremely out-of-character and beyond stupid. 

OneWayRoad Aug 20, 2020

You can't changed my mind and his "character development"? Bullshit. He's still Trash. I don't care if you like him.

shizuhi Aug 14, 2020

im so sorry i love and hate her😔