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Eyeshield 21

Jan 9, 2016

This is probably a anime that define sports anime in the new millennium in my opinion and in recent years due to the many aspects that define not only the sport in question but the aspects that define every sports be it indiviual or team-oriented. The opening is always crucial in any type of show especially in a sports where it always begins with the introduction of the characters and the sport in question that have to appeal to the audience which eyshield 21 does a touch of difference from sports anime because of the brand of comedy and a mix of drama that is brought to the table making it a duo that most sport have but this show does it differently that makes it a class above the rest or the same level as Slam Dunk and Giant Killing. Futhermore, the brand of humor is a mix of japanese comedy and american comedy that makes fun of not only the characters but also the teams both on the field and off it. The comedy is on par with gintama and just like gintama it offers witty humor and slapstick comedy that will have you laughing in tears. The drama factor on the sport itself is what one may see in most american story that affiliates in the sport itself due to the sport's probability of happening a huge upset and motto of the sport itself which is  on any giving day a weak team can be a strong team like in football it is called giant killing. The way the game is play in the anime in a great trinity of comedy, drama and tactics that slowly reveals more about the sport but it is the way of the explanation that is the same as the way the game is play in the anime which makes it both an interesting way for the people that do not know how to play the sport in question and those who do. It also provides a better commmercial ad than most anime shows and helps the people that do know or find it hard to understand the sport better that causes to instill the spirit of american football. Eyeshield 21 differs from most anime sports because of its hidden and not so  hidden messages through the series that makes it probably the greatest sport anime of all time in my opinion. The animation is interesting due to how they introduce the sport team and how the characters incorporate the image of the team and how they fight one another in a confrontation because you do not see that in any other sport anime. The sound may not be one of its strong points but some of its music can get you off of your crouch and cheering them on. The character's personality and appeal are easy to distinguish from the main characters and side characters that makes the cast one of the most memorable cast in a sports anime in recent decade that i can remember. The fundamental component is the emphasis on the detail of the constitution of how sport builds characters that helps themselves in facing life itself which you do not in any other sports anime.

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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