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I'm currently a University student and working as a night-time receptionist at a hotel. (The job is full-time and the two don't work out too well, so I'm quitting soon.)

I only got hooked on anime and manga 2 years ago, when I was pressured by friends to give it  chance at least, so I watched Full metal Alchemist and some time later Sword Art Online, as these were recommended. After that I really got into the game Dark Souls, and I heard it was heavily inspired by Berserk, so I checked that out as well, and at that point I was already sold. 

Little more about myself:

Apart from watching anime in my free time I play mostly video games I prefer RPG and Action genres, but I play a lot of different kinds, the only ones I dislike are Sports and Horror games.
I also spend a lot of time reading, I mostly read mangas and novels on my phone, but I'm also collecting and reading books from series I like, I'm really into fantasy and sci-fi, my favorite is the Warhammer universe, both the future and the fantasy setting.
I'm also playing tabletop rpgs(dnd, pathfinder, jadepunk, dragonmech, you name it!) with my friends once or twice a month, usually as a player, and leading one campaign as a DM.

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bobjoekaren Apr 9, 2016

Dang, look at you son! BME! Difficult stuff, but I believe in ya (: Hope things work out for ya! I'm actually surprised you found time to watch some titles with that major.

Haha I've only played WoW for maybe a month or two when Warlords of Draenor expansion came out. That's all my time experience with WoW really. It's only fun with friends, but even then it's a bit too much like a chore than a game to me.

Diablo on the other hand I spent way too much time on. After that game, I discovered I have no self-control when it comes to gambling (with no real money of course, just taking chances on getting a better item in exchange for in-game materials). I spent countless hours doing that so I had to step away from it. I only hop on once in awhile to just see if anything changed in the game.

have you played any Blizzard games?

Haha I'm really glad you enjoyed Devil is a part-timer! It's a great show that sadly ended on a short note, but I guess you can't win 'em all. What's on the next list for ya? You're breezing through these shows pretty quickly everytime I reply to you haha.

Let me know how kissanime goes! It SHOULD have all or ALMOST all of the shows you'd look for.

bobjoekaren Apr 8, 2016

Haha awesome! What are you studying at your university? And which one do you go to?

My sister plays league, but I sadly don't. I was more of a DOTA2 guy who switched on over to Heroes of the Storm. It's just faster in terms of gamplay and length of game. And being a Blizzard fan doesn't hurt.

Haha awesome! Glad you found Gate and AgK favorable (: 

Sekkou boys is indeed nothing extraordinary, but something stupid to laugh at. It's only 8 min per episode so that's why I figured I'd let you have it a go for some cheap laughs and some odd concept behind the show. I hope you'll give other shows a try! 

I am an active subscriber for Crunchyroll and Funimation. Usually the two sites have most of the new or recently new shows that is being or has been aired. 

kissanime.com seems to be the most popular by demand due to HQ stream and whatnot, but I do not use it anymore to try and support the creators and host. Hope that helps.

Shinayda Apr 8, 2016

Yep I dopractice alot and got addicted to that game~ I even wanted to try 4stars but I just pressing keys~. But In osu standard I can only do 2.5 stars while in osu mania 3.5 stars so For me..I'm into osu maniaaa. . And your osu standard

Shinayda Apr 7, 2016

oh its alright take your time :)

Woah thats nice! having aan S in a day thats cool :P

my difficulty I can minimum play only..3.5 stars ;-;

keys Iplay with only 5k..rezero kun is a 7k player :o

but I know you can do it ^3^

aww thanks :)

bobjoekaren Apr 5, 2016

Haha yeah sadly I was in a hurry that day so I conjured up whatever I could think of. Hopefully the list was somewhat useful to you.

Take your time with your games! No rush. Enjoy what you like (:

I do play other non-anime-related games, but not that many as I don't have time like I did back in the day.

I only have time to play some Heroes of the Storm rounds before I need to get back to work. 

How about you?

and have you started on anything on the recommended list?