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The Idaten Deities Know Only Confusion

It’s difficult to sum up this anime because I really don’t understand the point. Not that it needs a point, but it leads me on to expect a point. In general, the show feels like a regular action-shounen with more mature elements that don’t seem to serve much purpose other than to be edgy. The show focuses largely on battles and training, but attempts to make commentary on morality that turns out either confused or childish. At the start of the show, the idaten live among humans yet refrain from involvement due to peacetime. When encountered with demons, however, they must take action in order to preserve their way of life. However, the idaten operate on completely different morals from humans. In principle, this sounds interesting, but in practice results in two sides of a conflict, neither of which I can sympathize. The idaten are fighting against an enemy that’s only a bit more morally bereft than themselves. And even if I did sympathize with the idaten, there’s not much tension in their fights since they are so overpowered. 

Our cast of idaten and demons falls just shy of bland. A couple “smart” characters add a little spice to the mix. But their intelligence borders on a gimmick, especially since the show needs to remind us about it every five minutes. A less character-focused show isn’t an issue in itself. However, the show lacks any sympathizable characters. The idaten and the demons are so removed from a sense of morality that it’s nearly impossible to like them. So it doesn’t really help in understanding the purpose of the show.

One potentially sympathizable character is the nun, who is also a center of the moral conflict of the show. Unfortunately, she’s a laughable cliche of a “religious character who can’t think and questions her morals once she enters the real world.” After serving her plot purpose, she sticks around to spout cringy lines about her “development.” She’s so one-sided in her thinking I would be concerned if anyone could relate to her. On the topic of religion in general, I would rather this show stay out of commentating since the nuance is on the level of a thirteen-year-old. 

In terms of visuals, I appreciate the unique color palette, although you don’t especially notice it after a while. Additionally, the fights are animated with a decent amount of punch, and combined with the colors, make for some epic scenes. Other than that, there’s not much else memorable. I’m pretty thankful I didn’t have to suffer through any Mappa CG.

The soundtrack is best during the aforementioned action scenes with not much else to comment on. The scene transitions had quirky sound bits that became pretty recognizable after a while. And I thought the voice actors did a good job. Though Romi Park’s performance as a blonde shounen-protagonist character was amusingly reminiscent of FMA.

In all, I would not recommend this anime. If you’re looking for a regular shounen-action, plenty of those are already out there.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
4/10 overall

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