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What's bright, funny, dramtic and has no right to be as good as it is? Why it's this poorly (yet very descriptively) name show!
I'll be dead honest that I went into this show with the intent of hating it, from the name to the gimmicky and unfunny core concept, nearly everything was against it, but the way it presented the idea was less "Haha wacky random bullshit" and much more focused on the comedy built around the subversion of expectations and how these characters deal with it, which is about as good as a segway to the plot as I can think of.

The basic idea is about our MC gain a large reputation and dealing with people further and further up the foodchain, putting a small unintimidating slime on even footing with kings and demon lords. But the unfortunate thing about that style of comedy is it has an upper limit, which is roughly when the MC is well known, luckily they decide to switch it to the comedy of dealing with unknown events popping up, which still has strength, but there was no way it could recapture that original spark.

The sound design is fine, everything is as it should be in that regard and the orchestral opening lend a little bombast later on, though at the start it's a touch generic.

animation is pretty standard as well, people talk about it being a touch choppy and I can see it, but the general charm is usually enough to imerse me, so I didn't really mind, though the colour pallette is so standard for current anime it hurts, so I can't say the visuals didn't irk me at least in one regard.

I highly suggest checking it out already, it's in a league not dissimilar to overlord in quality (and a few other aspects.)

8/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
9/10 characters
8/10 overall
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