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My first anime was either Inuyasha or Card Captor Sakura. They were telecast simultaneously on Animax and Cartoon Network (as it was called then) during the 2000-2006 period.

I did not know the difference between "Cartoon" & "Anime" then and even to this day I still think we ought to be allowed to use the terms interchangeably without people putting on a tantrum. I don't think the Japanese would be offended by the "travesty".
Later, Cartoon Network introduced me to Pokemon and I amassed a large collection of Trading Cards. I later got hooked onto the Gameboy versions of Pokemon starting with Gen3 and I kept the craze up until I finished Gen4 as well before saturation set in. Looking back, I think I remained obsessed with Pokemon well past an age I am now comfortable with. The Pokemon GBA gaming phase led me to explore many other Japanese RPG games that I still recall fondly such as Fire Emblem7 & 8, Megaman, Astroboy,  Advance Wars 2, Breath Of Fire 1 & 2, Final Fantasy 6 Advance, Legacy of Goku series & Legend Of Zelda series to name a few. I still prefer the simplistic GBA graphics to those that are around nowadays. 

Digimon & Yu-Gi-Oh! also caught my interest briefly when they were aired in India. Never was a DBZ fan but ended up watching most episodes on TV anyway. It was Beyblade that I couldn't stand though. Naruto didn't make a good impression on me either.

All this time I did not know I was watching Japanese Anime' except for ones that were glaringly Japanese (such as Inuyasha) or were being telecast on Animax. One of the major reasons I failed to realise this was probably because they were dubbed in English (Many characters often sounding so American or Canadian that it made it seem all the less likely to be Japanese).

Later, there was a spurt of Hindi dubbed Kids Anime such as Doraemon, Ninja Hattori, Kiteretsu & Shinchan that began to dominate Indian Channels meant for "Kids". I watched them too, when returning from School, although this time I was aware that they were Japanese shows.

I did watch a few anime on Animax such as Gakuen Alice (~2007), Kyo Kara Maoh! (~2008), Yakitate! Japan (~2007), Kaichou wa Maid-sama! (~2010). But these are infact exceptions as I mostly stayed away from Animax throughout my childhood. The ease with which mature themes were incorporated into them scared me.  It was only in College that I mustered up the courage to give Japanese Anime' a chance again since I was more "Grown up".This time I was introduced to an entirely different world where Hostellers would give me Terrabytes of Anime from their Harddisks and I began to watch Episodes online. It started off with Studio Ghibli Movies which were so magical I was drawn into the world of Anime within a few months. I have come to realise I enjoy Anime best in the original Japanese with English Subtitles as the English dubs rob  the anime of many aspects. For example - in Asian culture we do not address elders directly by name. Important suffixes such as -Kun, -San and words of respect like Sensei are dropped in the English dubs. It may seem like a silly point but I believe the subs help me understand the context and culture better. Of course even now there are things like "Nosebleeds" that makes me uncomfortable. I was also shocked to learn how popular the themes of "Harem" & "Ecchi" were. Although I have watched many Anime with these tags they do not rank very high on my list of "Good Watches".

I look for good Plots and character development when rating my Anime on Anime Planet.

As a rule Anime' that I perceive to have unnecessary "Panty Shots", "Nudity" & "Sexual Content" are rated only 2.5 Stars or lower.

How I rate my Anime on Anime Planet

I do try to maintain a Gaussian Curve by periodically updating my Star Ratings with respect to new ones I add to the list.

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fluffypony Mar 6, 2016

Hmmm I usually download anime fromthe piratebay but to be honest it's been over a year since my last download. I guess they will have anything you want. Give it a try

fluffypony Feb 25, 2016

Good to know that you like the site that much. I also like it and believe that is one of the best anime sites. If you really want to join one club and more specifically the WECO club you should contact with my friend "Sianeka". She is the "master" of the club. this link is her profile. Let her know that I send you and if you please say Hi fromme. Welcome again and let me know if you want help with anything else. :D :D

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 Konnichiwa :D

I would like to officially welcome you to the wonderful world of Anime- Planet (A-P) As a Greeter of the awesome Welcome committee I wish you a great time here in the A-P and I hope that you will find it as interesting as I did.

If you ever need anything such as any anime recommendations or any help with the A-P feel free to ask for my help.


I am not a manga fun so if you have any questions about manga I will not be able to help you directly but I will do my best :P :D