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I'm not new to anime but I still have many things to finish. I'm not in a hurry tho, all that matters is to enjoy what I'm doing.

Favorite anime: Revolutionary Girl Utena alongside Adolescence of Utena

Favorite manga: Vagabond

Favorite character: Miyamoto Musashi (Vagabond)

Favorite anime director: Satoshi Kon

Favorite mangaka: both Takehiko Inoue and Hirohiko Araki

Favorite musician: Susumu Hirasawa

Favorite voice actor: Kaneto Shiozawa

Favorite anime studio: for what I've seen so far, MADHOUSE is the answer. I also like Ghibli.

In rest, nice to meet you!

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Akishima Nov 23, 2020

I honestly didn't know Hirasawa played guitar like that until I saw that video. The guy is truly multi-talented, being able to compose all of that electronic music and play instruments too. I am surprised that Town-0 concert video got taken down, since there's a lot of other songs that look to be from similar concerts- what a great song! The videos with all of the green lazers and the tesla coil are so fun. I don't know how much of it actually makes music and how much is showmanship, but it's cool to watch. That live video of East of Timeline where he collaborates with his friend is pretty cool.

Something I've been wondering is- I had assumed Hirasawa's hair had gone prematurely white and so he changed his uniform (he's not that old), but it looks like he may have just decided on a costume change and bleached his hair to match. It's like yin and yang. Love his outfits, but I wonder if they run an air conditioner up there with all the electronics, it has to get really hot.

Akishima Nov 22, 2020

I get ya, every new album I get I listen to on repeat for weeks. I think the most recent album I've listened to the most is Byakkoya (White Tiger Field). I also really like Ash Crow (Berserk Compilation) and the Paprika ost. I also have Planet Roll Call and Technique of Relief, which I need to listen to more. Some songs I'm into right now are The Westward of Time, Royal Road Paradise, Code Costarica, Probability Hill, Byakkoya and Oh Ashes. Thanks so much for the recs- Dreaming Machine is fantastic- instantly went on my playlist. I like Big Brother a lot too. While checking out the songs you mentioned, I discovered this live version of Venus, which is fantastic. It's so fun to watch his concerts on YouTube- he's quite the production master. I hadn't really heard anything from his P-Model era, so that was interesting.

Akishima Nov 21, 2020

I see you also like Susumu Hirasawa, and now Forces is now playing in my head. Do you have a favorite Hirasawa album/ost?

Also, looked at your anime list- man, you've seen a lot of classics. I've gotta work on that, I keep getting distracted with the newer stuff.

pukegirl Nov 1, 2020

okay, thanks a lot bae! <3

pukegirl Oct 31, 2020

thank you so much, it means a lot to me!!

yes i really disliked paranoia agent because i was hoping for a good realistic thrilling anime but then i got a realistic at the start then fantasy anime later on, it was really confusing and not to mention boring it was a pain getting through it LOL

thanks for the utena one! i will be sure to watch it after 2021 lol!! sounds really cute and interesting, i love deep/contentful animes that are not confusing though! I'll be sure to watch the anime then movie :D

i added angel's egg to my watchlist even though it doesn't look the best from it's sypnosis, but i will def watch later since you recommended it! <3

oh yes, perfect blue i don't think I'll honestly be able to wait for a few years to watch haha, because it has everything that my teenage ass digs xD, horror, thriller, mature themes, stalkers and sadness LOOL, ever since it caught my eye i have been dying to see it but never got the chance to so far, i will watch it hopefully before this month ends! and if i am honest with you.. i never pay attention to who the artists/producers/composers are smh.. but after i complete like 30 animes i'd be sure to check who were the ones that directed my favorite animes LOL. because i have seen far too few to judge yk?

yes i had tokyo godfathers on my watchlist for a long time! i am not as excited for it as i am for perfect blue but it still looks like a really good comfort movie so i will be sure to!

paprika added to my watchlist! not the most exciting looking anime but i will give it a chance! :D

i will be sure to watch the actress movie!! also please don't mind when i say movies/animes don't look exciting or cool from their sypnosies, i am awfully picky when it comes to choosing animes i would like to watch ;-;

ah yes cowboy bepop! honestly it looks like a really fun/adorable movie which i am excited to watch, but first i am trying to get rid of 2 animes from my watching list so i could watch peacefully without worrying about the other ones LOL

daft punk movie? WOAAAH never expected to see an anime about them! sounds hella cool!! i am not their biggest fan, i know get lucky and starboy tho! i am intrigued to watch it!

idk which part is the first of jjba LOL, can you send the link, there are too many!! 

added ALL to my watchlist! also the ww2 movie, OH MY GOD!! i love movies/series about wars SOOO much, since i am into war history!! 

thank you so so so much bae! it means so much that you took the time to write a long comment to give me recommendations with such details, it's so sweet! i hope you have a wonderful day <3 :)