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gitsup Nov 15, 2021

u r the god of cultivation manhuas man! i pick up stuffs from ur list........keep it up! noice.....

Anymeeee Jul 9, 2021

yeah please do

WonderofU129 Jul 9, 2021

Ah no problem and don't overwork yourself. And good luck with your work 

WonderofU129 Jul 1, 2021

Hello again,  got any good isekai/reincarnations recommednations where the mc uses his Brains or stuff like eminence in the shadow(not necessarily isekai/reincarnations) 

Anymeeee Jun 25, 2021

It seems u haven't read Tono No O Shite Miyou, I highly recommend u to read that manga and give your views on it.

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