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WonderofU129 Jan 5, 2022

Same here I'm actually quite dissatisfied by the ending it would've been fine he lived a peaceful life but the turn back time I don't like that 

WonderofU129 Dec 30, 2021

Omg solo leveling just ended what are your thoughts on it? I recently found out from yt I haven't even completed it yet lol

WonderofU129 Nov 21, 2021

And you should also read heavenly demon cultivation simulation the mc actually is really smart and isn't too overpowered and the system is not at all like the other helpful systems and main character always is near death kind of situation id like to hear your thoughts when you've caught up to the mangwa 

WonderofU129 Nov 21, 2021

Oo nice btw if you had to list top 10 cultivation and isekai manga/manhwa/manhua which would in your top ten (doesn't have to be in a specific order)

WonderofU129 Nov 19, 2021

Sup been a long time since we talked, dunno if you've read eminencr of the shadow but if you haven't I'd strongly say you should read it