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I'm happy to commemorate my 100th review (!) with such a good webtoon.

The relationships between characters, whether romantic or friendship, in the webtoon is written really well. The character dynamics felt very natural and wholesome. The communication and the trust characters place in each other prevent stupid drama - yay, I got no anxiety while reading :)

From the synopsis, I was expecting rivals to lovers, like two narcissists battling it out. But it turned out Daun (ML) developed feelings for MC first, and the rivalry was all in MC's head. He does develop quickly from his rivalry mindset though. Their interactions are really sweet.

After their beginning, they spend time to get to know each other and the relationship develops really well. It was just the beginning that felt a bit eh. I'm a person that wants a specific reason for liking someone. While the webtoon does explain why ML developed feelings for MC later on, it wasn't explained in the beginning so I didn't quite root for their relationship the first few chapters. Felt a bit like one-sided feelings from ML at first lol. I'm not summarising here because the period of their beginning is quite short - about the first 10 chapters.

Don't worry about the love triangle. I hate love triangles, but the one written here was not anxiety-inducing in any way. It's also the first time I've seen a love triangle where the guy (ML) and girl (their genuine friend) likes a guy (MC). It's clear ML and MC like each other, and the girl accepts it and supports them fully.

There are conflicts and they are resolved nicely. I feel satisfied with the character development gained from the conflict, and I also enjoyed the metaphorical bitch-slapping of the antagonists.

The art is quite nice, though it could be polished more. There are a few panels where the artist really makes an effort to make the characters *glow*, and I enjoy those the most.

It's an enjoyable webtoon. I recommend you read it. 

9/10 story
8/10 art
10/10 characters
9/10 overall

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