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WTH? The animation is so weird and is definitely gettting in the way of my enjoyment of the anime. Nevermind, I think I'd rather watch the original. Honestly, don't waste your time. 

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
2/10 overall

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trapqueen Jul 29, 2021

You're upset about the animation, so you'd rather watch the original? The one that got memed on for years for having horrible animation? ok

Greensilk Feb 19, 2021

I agree that the animation and character design is wierd i also dropped it because of this reason, but i wanted to relive the same excitement the OG higurashi gave me, so i watched it and discovered that its not that bad. I can't say it put me on edge like the original but i certainly didn't regret watching, maybe if ypu gave it a try ypu'd see that its not all bad.

Akumonchu Feb 1, 2021

Well this is a sequel to the previous installments sooooo

Sarcataclysmal Jan 30, 2021

I mean, the original series' animation is far worse than this, and far less well-done, so I'd argue that the enjoyment of the original series is more of a detriment to the overall experience than the animation of this series.

ReviewBonfire Dec 22, 2020

Didnt watch it yet. Is this like a "After Story" or did they put up the first season again in new style?