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Violet Evergarden

Jan 12, 2020

Violet Evergarden follows a young girl with the name of the title. She is an object of war and now has to find a way to live life normally, or as normally as one can be after war. She works as a letter writer but faces so many obstacles in her process. The girl travels all over the world and helps with more than just writing letters. Not only does she aid the life of others but she also learns more about herself in the process. She learns how to live, how to be free and be happy. She learns what emotions are and how they effect people.

The story is pungent yet there isn't much to it. There is no huge twists or turns for people to be shocked over. It's a simple story that goes off in many branches. Each episode almost different yet seemingly strung together along Violet's journey. You are taken on a ride of character development and beautiful animation that will leave you in awe and possibly a bit teary eyed. The side characters do not have much for parts. They all have episodes but the main focus is Violet and it never steers away from that. She is front and center so you can see just how much she grows.

Like I said, the animation is beautiful; the studio is very well known for it. They perfectly merge realistic portions and nature with the anime style everyone loves. It's seamless, breathtaking, and truly one of a kind. Though I do admit sometimes watching the hair distracts me. Each object, person, etc has so much movement and flow to it that you can stare at one spot and never feel like you are missing out.

On top of all of that I watched the dub and except for a few voices that looked like they did not fit minor one shot characters it was beautifully acted. Even the voices that I wouldn't have expected were well acted. Each person portrayed their character perfectly and conveyed the emotions in the animation. Everything was just spot on. With it all combined they created a cinematically beautiful anime that leaves you with tears in your eyes and wanting more. If you don't mind a good tear jerker I would say watch this anime.

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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