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I would like to start this off by saying I am not a fan of the original SAO series. I tried to watch it and just... disliked it so much. However, I saw this one on netflix and it looked cute so I wanted to give it a try. I did not get the vibes that I got watching the original SAO though others will probably disagree since after all, I only saw a few episodes before I was turned off from it.

This anime however I liked quite a lot. It was cute, story driven, and had no frills to it. The story is about a girl who dislikes reality so much that she finally joins VR life and tries out some games. The one she ended up going with being Gun Gale Online. A game where she could be the person she wanted to be. The main character had no idea what the game was about but she taught herself and grew. I loved the character development of the main character and the choices she makes to help the ones she cares about.

It's a short anime that keeps you interested from start to finish. There are some questions I had at the end such as communication devices in GGO that didn't really have consistency with the rules they placed. That was my only real issue with the anime. The characters were all unique, interesting, and funny. The story was hilarious, action packed, and filled with drama. The drama did not tie you down and make you feel bogged down with emotions either, it was cut up through the comedy and action of the show. As it progresses you start to care for each character, and you want to see them succeed with their missions.

The plot is very straightforward and there isn't much to it. Despite that the characters are what draw you into the story even more. I watched the dub and it was well acted. They conveyed the emotions perfectly on the screen. As for the animation it had it's signature SAO look to it all while being its own at the same time. The scenery was beautiful, each character design was well put together. Everyone had their own flair and individuality that I loved. Their avatar bodies fit their personalities perfectly which I adored.

If a season 2 ever comes out you know I'd watch it. It has not changed my opinion on SAO but It opened me up to trying other alternative series within the franchise.

8/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
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