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Well, who could have expected the story would end up here from the first episode of the first season?

Where Attack on Titan at first seemed to be a typical shonen fantasy within a few episodes of the first season it flipped this; so, its a mecha anime?

Ah no, it turns out its not that either. Its something completely different. Its a work worthy of George Orwell. 

I admit there was some dissapointment with series 2 and its departure from the shonenesque action series roots, but by the last series it is clear what it was doing and it all holds up very well.

Series 4...wow. Well. It goes places. It really advances the plot and puts an amazing spin on it.

The first series starts with its wonderful exciting German theme song and flirts with fascism as it goes along, bringing you the viewer along for the ride with it. You're right there with Eren as he vows to exterminate all the titans! Yeah! That's our shonen hero!

But as the show went on, conspiracies were unvealed, it became clear that there was a lot more going on than this surface interpretation of the first episode.

By this final series...Holy cow it has completely flipped on its head. Eren is now the villain. Albeit the villain amongst a sea of villains. There are no good guys in this. Everyone has been brain washed by the environment in which they were brought up. Hate only begets hate and the innocent suffer.

This final series brings Attack on Titan together wonderfully as both an enjoyable series and an absolute destruction of far right ideology. Which is not somewhere I expected it to go, but it is very welcome given some of the more unsavory elements of anime fandom.

10/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
10/10 overall
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