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Madoka Jun 24, 2015

I blame life! If life wasn't so busy... well we would have time :3 Though for some reason I am tired a lot, I mean like I get home and just want to nap ._.

Hmm she was seen as weird... interesting, I’m sure I would of got on just fine with her then, I love weird, which brings me to my point of I clearly need to stay in Australia some time, personally I was just thinking about how I could probably be arrested for street hugging everything that moves (turns out this can be considered harassment ._.). But yeah i love how Australian's sound, their accents right down to their words to their awesome method of speech :3

Yeah, oddly as it sounds (at least to some) but I love animals, well I was raised with a dog my whole life so I developed a love for animals, always wanted a rabbit when I was younger but yeah :3 They are so cute!!! I love how they aren't (usually) aggressive as well, but hmmmm not really too sure what secret men’s business is meant to be? I need filling in D:

"I'm so easily lured into charity schemes" - Thus it was in fact a bribe D: they noticed how easy you are to trick and manipulated you with CAKE o.o (not that I blame you... I mean, its cake). Well i guess maybe they figured you’re so brilliant that they needed brilliant blood... that sounds cool, brilliant blood ^.^ So your telling me, all I need to do is faint and I can have free cakes and sweets? I'm in on this plan!!!

Hmm was i thought you might have been Australian as I think i recall you saying it once before, but i got confused and then decided you was from countries no one ever talks about xD I'm good at deciding things and then deciding they are what I decided they are... I used the word/variation of 'Decide' too much there ._. But yeah I think you can count Irish and English separate, so you’re a super mix, Irish, English and Aboriginal o.o Are any of your parents contributors to the mixed... blood (blood makes a comeback only 21 seconds later after discussing it!) or does it go further back?

Hmm yeah I wanted to reply to this one quicker but then I thought I can do it tomorrow... it was 2am and I was getting tired so I did it today... I'm so diligent xD One day I will become quicker at replies but sadly that will only be when i master the ability to respond to people as I sleep :(

Until next time o.o

Sianeka Jun 24, 2015

tsumiki says... Hi!  Thank you for your concerns and thank you for being so nice about me not fulfilling the tasks required of the greeters, I've been really busy with school so I would like to be changed to a club supporter, sorry I should have come online and told you earlier but I've been having connection problems as well, thank you for being so understanding, also I am fine, thanks again, and sorry.

I am glad it isn't anything serious, and THANK YOU for getting back to me!  I totally understand that things can suddenly change and circumstances force you to revise things in your life.  I'll move you to Supporter status, but remember that if things change again you are ALWAYS wecome to come back to being a Greeter.  Good luck, and please keep in touch!

Loadster Jun 23, 2015

Hey! I don't know if you remember me, but I managed to graduate high school :D I hope you did well this year as well :)

Megabox Jun 20, 2015

yea, I hope so! ^_^

KonaIzumi Jun 20, 2015


I miss talking with your more often but I hope you're doing great with school and get over the exams soon! :3

I'm still watching animes from the Spring seasons, but most of them are close to be completed (1-2 episodes left most of them). The new ones from the Summer seasons are right in the corner! At the beginning of july some of them may be airing the first episode ~~ I can't really wait!

I must say that I started watching the second season of K-On! and I laughed way too much with the first episodes xD I feel like Mugi has more screen time and lines in this season as well. She's clearly more funny and lovely ~

I have watched 11 episodes so far and I don't want it to end NEVER! T__T Thanks god this season have more episodes than the first one :D 

When are you gonna have more free time again to be more active here in A-P? :0