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Bunnies, Rabbits and Other Bun-Related Inclusions in Manga

This list contains manga titles which feature bunnies, rabbits and bunny-related themes, motifs or simple short cameos. (Yes, *everything*.) Every occurence will be noted as I encounter them starting from 2020, as I remember them or are specifically pointed towards me. The more badass, melt-inducing or otherwise positively impressionant the bun(-theme/-fanservice) in terms of being bun-specific, the higher it goes up on the list. More screentime begets upranking. Me liking a title more may raise the ranking, obscurity of the title may drag down the ranking. Me not having checked out the actual item may expell it from ranking. Personal bias obviously applies. Otherwise the order is simply by date of me tumbling over it. (Timeline order starts after "Horimiya".)
1 Usagi wa Seigi

Usagi wa Seigi

Category: Main Character, literally a series about a badass bun

Buns are Justice! The title is a pun on 'kawai wa seigi' (cute is justice) and is all about a badass bun and two moronic wolves as its underling.

(read 2020+)

2 I’m a Terminal Cancer Patient, but I’m Fine.

I’m a Terminal Cancer Patient, but I’m Fine.

Category: Avatar incarnation

Have a BL manga artist and her husband display themself as bunnies. (Have a look at a lewd bunny producing eroge on the first page...)The artist bun then gets diagnosed with cancer.

The artist bun is white with black eartips and the husband is a wrestling-bunny with a mask that says 'Husband'. It's very lively, so you get to see the buns in all sorts of funny, adorkable expressions.

But bun servicing aside. This work is not only very educational, it also has a brilliant sense of humor and lightheardness to it, you wouldn't expect from a title with such a heavy topic.  

(Discovered sample pages 2021.01.28, read 2021)

3 Hozuki's Coolheadedness

Hozuki's Coolheadedness

Category: Secondary Main Character, mob character, decoration

Contains the most preciously badass bunny character Karashi. Deadly cute and also... deadly to her archenemies. Aside that a certain apothecaries' Hakutaku's garden has a lot of bunnies as mob characters. The man himself is sometimes decorated with bunny ears (like the cover of ch5 in v1). Hoozuki also sometimes tells tales or references bunny in folklore stories.

(read 2021)

4 Taberare Usa.

Taberare Usa.

Category: Main Characters

Fair warning: This contains masses of adorable bunny cuteness. It's also absolute torture.

You have a bunny father and a bunny son who die in the cold winter. Upon dying the father wishes for the son that they can eat to their hearts content in their next life.... They get reincarnated as bunny shaped mochi. And after being eaten they get reincarnated into the next kind of bunny shaped sweets creation ready to be eaten over and over. The whole thing gets even meaner twists as that the mother of that little family shows up: Reincarnated as a human, remembering her bunny days, dearly missing her family - whilst eating said family after ripping off their marshmellow ears, almost baking them into black charcoal and ultimately eating them.

(It does seem to end on a happy note with them reincarnating as humans eventually. At least the preview images of the last few of the 115 webtoon chapters suggest it. But I did not have the heart to sit through a hundred more rounds of this bunny (sweets) killing torture myself.)

(read 2021)

5 School Counselor Usami-sensei no Nayami Soudanshitsu

School Counselor Usami-sensei no Nayami Soudanshitsu

Main Character

6 Usagi-moku Shachiku-ka

Usagi-moku Shachiku-ka

Category: Main Characters

What if a bun from the moon would literally land in your room?

Granted those two bun girls aren't exactly very real bun-like and sometimes can even get a bit creepy, but overall you're in for some very cute bun-fanservice. (Though real buns will never be as subservient as those two specimens.)

(read 2020)

7 Just Like Dad!

Just Like Dad!

Category: Main character

MC gets body swapped into a bun (a fairly realistically looking one). Hence, there is quite the amount of adorable bun servicing in there. The MC is a prideful, but daughter-doting man, who also has a bit of a vendetta towards the potential love interest of said daughter, who also happens to be the only one whom he can talk to in his bun form. This allows for quite the versatile amounts of bun expressions.

(read 2021)

8 Pandora Hearts

Pandora Hearts

Category: Main Characters

Without dwelling too deep in the spoiler territory: Main characters are essentially badass bunnies.

Trivia: Also features cats, ravens and horses among other creatures. 

(past read)

9 Mythical Beast Investigator

Mythical Beast Investigator

Category: Main Character

There are a few mythical beast as the title implies. The main character is a girl who is protected by a very strong beast that happens to be a bunny standing on two feets wearing clothes and a hat wielding ribbon shaped shadows as his main power. 

(Read February/August 2020)

10 Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card

Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card

Category: Recurring side character

Just like Kero-chan there is another mascot character joining the cast. This time it's a female bunny character.

Encountered February 2020

11 Or Something Like It

Or Something Like It

Category: Clothing, pet zoo apperance, theme trigger

Haru gets a bunny coat (and a frog coat) early on in the series. In chapter 17 he has to choose one umbrella (choices being bunny, bear and frog), but the bun ones are sold out everywhere, because they are especially popular with girls. The buns are then used as a theme onto the question of if it's ok for a boy to like bunnies and carried on in a further discussion within Haru's fellow group in kindergarden. A fellow girl has some bunny hair ties and another boy isn't interested in getting hair ties, but still likes buns. Have some very wholesomely progressive screw gender streotyping discussions with buns as the trigger. (Why should males be deprived of bun goodness anyway!)

Bun servicing aside, the series is really good at respectfully and organically introducing all sorts of topics from daily life to more social ones, but never loosing sight of it's scope of the character's actualy day to day life.

(read 2020-2021)


12 Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle

Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle

Category: Main character, plush cameo, mob side characters

White Mokona is arguably a real bunny, but gets somewhat close. 

In volume 8 they end up in a world with a sort of bunny creature tribe.

(past read)

13 xxxHOLiC


Category: Main Character

Black Mokona is arguably a real bunny, but gets somewhat close. 

(past read)

14 Alice 19th

Alice 19th

Category: Main character support is a bun-girl (with real bun-form)

The mascot and good friend of the main character. Nice to have a bun for a change instead of the usual cat, but there wasn't a lot about her that needed her to be a bun specifically.

(past read)

15 Spice and Wolf (Light Novel)

Spice and Wolf (Light Novel)

Cateogry: Recurring Side Character

Just as Holo is a wolf other mythical creatures exist out there in this world. One of them is a bunny. Has a major role in the main part's last arc.

(past read)

16 Spice and Wolf

Spice and Wolf

Category: Side Character

Just as Holo is a wolf other mythical creatures exist out there in this world. One of them is a bunny. (Shows up in last arc and on volume 15's cover.) A very cute while cunning fellow!

(past read/read March 2020)

17 Rozen Maiden

Rozen Maiden

Category: Recurring Side Character, Mechandise

There is a mysterious figure called Laplace, who shows up here and there in the N-Field dimension featured in the show. It's a butler sorts of humanoid character with a bunny head. 

Merchandise also features bunny-themed decorations, due to the show having a bit of Alice in Wonderland-allusions.

(past read)

18 Rozen Maiden II

Rozen Maiden II

(Direct continuation of Rozen Maiden, so includes the same side character and themes.)

19 Yakuza & Bunny: Hardcore Gangsta Goin' Hardcore With Bunnies

Yakuza & Bunny: Hardcore Gangsta Goin' Hardcore With Bunnies

Category: Pet bun MC

this one actually has an MC as a bun, so there is quite some bun exposure. That being said, that somehow seems to be the only noteworthy quality of it. (The rest isn't exactly bad, it's just kind of... bland.)

(read 2021)

20 Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket

Category: Secondary Main Cast's alt form

Momiji, as one of the 12 zodiacs, turns into a rabbit upon hugging a girl. Doesn't often have much of a bun-appearance though.

(past read)

21 Full Moon (Arina TANEMURA)

Full Moon (Arina TANEMURA)

Category: Main Character decoration

Meroko comes with a rabbit ear costume as a job costume (not a bunny dress). She also transforms into a bunny mascot of sorts. 

(Past read)

22 D.N.Angel


Category: Mascot character, plushie

There is a little white mascot character which is a bun-like creature. It can transform and become the black wings of the main character's transformed identity.

There is also a related side story in the earlier volumes showcasing Riku and Risa with their favorite plushies. Risa's happens to be a bunny.  

(past read)

23 Made in Abyss

Made in Abyss

Category: Main Character form

Nanashi is a boy who was mutated by the Abyss. It made him become a fluffy creature (still on two legs with clothes) with bunny ears. 

(read July 2020)

24 Satougashi no Dangan wa Uchinukenai

Satougashi no Dangan wa Uchinukenai

Category: Important plot device

As the cover illustration will already let you surmise, there are some school bunnies in there and they unfortunately are getting killed. The poor buns remain unnamed, but are fairly important for the plot and characterization of one of the main characters. 

(Past read)

25 XXX Allergy

XXX Allergy

Category: Mob Side characters

This is the first chapter of the volume release of 'Secret xxx' and the prequel to the volume same named double chapter. (You'll find the entry on page page in the timeline ordered part.) 

Unlike the sequel part this one chapter has some very cute bun mob characters on display. (The setting is a college guy with allergy fawning over bunnies in a shop after all.) The sequel still has some buns, but there is far less bun servicing there anymore.

Other than that, this is your usual fare of dumpster BL cheese-porn. I will give it some heads up, that even if the obligatory porn triggered a workaround to solving the allergy issue, it at least did not just go about magically healing it suddenly.

(read 2021)

26 Aitai Jou to Usagi no Yamai

Aitai Jou to Usagi no Yamai

Category: Main Character gets bun ears and turns into a bun. There is also a bunch of bun keychains used around. And an ancient tale about a half-bun, half-human. 

OK, this is absolute garbage as a romance and bad staple of being the usual worst of BL offerings.

It's got a decent premise, but even that premise is barely used as a plot devicethat never goes anywhere really. It also has zero care for depicting actual buns even remotely realistic.

But it does have a have a number of cute bun panels and compared to what other offerings there are out there it still has an edge in having quantities to offer.

And thus, with some pain, this one goes onto the upper tier of the list.

(read 2021)

27 Kami-sama no Youjinbou: Usagi wa Sakura to Yume wo Miru (Light Novel)

Kami-sama no Youjinbou: Usagi wa Sakura to Yume wo Miru (Light Novel)

bun on cover

28 Horimiya


Category: Character development related (side character)

A side character and the main character had an incident involving letting a school bun neglected and dying. 

(Encountered January 2020)

29 The Promised Neverland

The Promised Neverland

Category: Plot Catalyst

There is a bun-plush called 'Little Bernie' and it's technically what kickstarts the whole story. Bernie quickly falls out of relevance to the plot, but bonus materials between the chapters in the volumes feature him every now and then in little side stories.

(Encountered for a memory jug January 2020)

30 Fairy Tail: Ice Trail

Fairy Tail: Ice Trail

Category: Statist

Mutiplying bunnies in some sort of training ground or so.

(Reported to me January 2020)

31 Somari and the Guardian of the Forest

Somari and the Guardian of the Forest

Category: Statist

The first two chapters feature a bun with deer horns... 

(Encountered January 2020)

32 Izumo no Ayakashi Hotel ni Shushoku Shimasu

Izumo no Ayakashi Hotel ni Shushoku Shimasu

Category: Decoration, unverified

The main guy on the 1st volume cover has a bun on his shoulder! Have yet to read the thing.

(Encountered January 2020)

33 Izumo no Ayakashi Hotel ni Shushoku Shimasu (Light Novel)

Izumo no Ayakashi Hotel ni Shushoku Shimasu (Light Novel)

Category: Cover apperance, unverified

There is a bun on the cover and no other character. Have yet to read the thing.

(Encountered January 2020)

34 My Father is a Unicorn

My Father is a Unicorn

Category: Background joke

On one page there is a dialogue. While the characters are talking the unicorn is eating herbs in the background and by doing so has two poor buns fearing for their life.

Bun-bullying by a unicorn!

(The buns do get an apology later on though.)

(Encountered January 2020)

35 A Witch’s Printing Office

A Witch’s Printing Office

Category: Background Cameo of a bunny-like creature

There is a forest and a bunny-like creature shows up on some panels.

(encountered January 2020)

36 A Certain Magical Index (Light Novel)

A Certain Magical Index (Light Novel)

Category: Bunny dress fanservice (imagination)

In volume 19 there is talk about getting Takitsubou into a bunny dress and on the colour page spreads Hamazura ends up imagining it in a thought bubble.

(encountered January 2020)

37 Sonna Me de Minai de

Sonna Me de Minai de

Category: bun accessoires

This volume has some short stories included aside the main story. (Warning: Any of them is just shoujo fluff with no depth.) One of them ('When tears become snow' is a take on a long distance relationship. The Girl likes buny so she's having some buns for decoration. The story ends with the guy giving the girl an engagement ring that has a bun ornament on it.

(encountered January 2020)

38 Risouteki Boyfriend

Risouteki Boyfriend

Category: Statist, Café

The two main character go visit a pet's corner in volume 1. There is a bun being petted. (And some other buns being mistreated by a little girl.)

In volume 7 there is a 'Ms Muffin's tea party' shop, which has bun as the mascot icon on the shop sign.

(read January 2020, May 2021)

39 Kyouai Catastrophe

Kyouai Catastrophe

Category: Character Decorations

The main guy of the series has a weird jacket with a hood that features lop ear styled hangover decorations. His partner (of sorts) is a girl who has lop ear-styled hair decorations and always carries a plush around that somehow looks like a Hellowen-styled scaredy bun.

(encountered January 2020)

40 The Case Study of Vanitas

The Case Study of Vanitas

Category: Decoration

In one of the first few volumes there is a conversation and one of the characters is playing around with a stuffed bun in their hands.

Doesn't look like it has any deeper meaning, despite it being the next series after Pandora Hearts by Mochizuki Jun.

41 Like a Butterfly

Like a Butterfly

Category: Chapter illustration, plush panel

Volume 8 chapter 49's cover illustration is Alice in Wonderland themed, thus there are bunny ears and tail decorations. (On the male main Kawasumi.) Has no bearing to the actual content though.

The second last volume also contains a crossover chapter to the author's previous work Daytime Shooting Star. In it the male MC from Daytime has a plush in his hand to pacyfy a crying child.

(Read February/September 2020)

42 Land of the Lustrous

Land of the Lustrous

Category: Minor character has a kinda-bun-like form

In volume 7 a sea snail creature called Variegatus (5th generation after the vol. 2 sea snail Ventricosus) shows up. Snail that it may be it has bunny-like ears (even in flop ear mode!) and a stubble tail. 

In volume 8 the moon people are shown. They all seem to have bunny-shaped ear things coming out of their head. Appears to be just decoration though.

Encountered February 2020

43 Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku

Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku

Category: Accessoire

Kou Sakuragi's game avatar comes with bunny ears. She also wins a massive bun plush in an arcade game in volume 6.

Encountered Febraury 2020

44 A Certain Scientific Accelerator

A Certain Scientific Accelerator

Category: Some villian's gear 

In volume 3 Accelerator faces of a bunch of esp people, one of which gears herself up with a gadget that is shaped like a massive (unfriendly) bunny teddy. 

Encountered February 2020

45 No Game No Life, Please!

No Game No Life, Please!

Category: Dressing up as bunny girls (not bunny dress)

in volume 4 there is some event in the werebeast countries. Clammy tries to infiltrate the game, so she dresses up as a bunny werebeast girl. 

Encountered February 2020

46 My Solo Exchange Diary

My Solo Exchange Diary

Category: Outfit Accessoire

there is a one chapter short story attached to volume 2, independant from the main story, which is about two girls running from the organization calles 'society'. One of them wears bunny ornaments in her hair and a bunny-shaped backpack. Als has a bunny puch haning on her waist. (Along with a panda one.)  

Encountered March 2020

47 My Boy

My Boy

Category: School Rabbit Statist

The titular boy Mashuu still goes to school and there are school rabbits. He takes care of them. While doing so he winds up in a conversation with classmate Ogata which prompts him to question what 'normal' is like.

Encountered March 2020 

48 Mahou Tsukai no Shinyuu

Mahou Tsukai no Shinyuu

Category: Bun-like creature secondary main cast

The titular mage from the underworld has a few familiars to help her out. One of them is bunny(-plush-)-shaped. It aspired to become an award winning writer after having read some Japanese classics.  

Encountered March 2020

49 Tsubasa: World Chronicle - Niraikanai-hen Special

Tsubasa: World Chronicle - Niraikanai-hen Special

Category: Bun-like creature appearance

Chapter 1 of the two has the trio travel to a world where a creature with bunny ears, deer horns and a long tail appears with the emmergence of shootings stars. It gets smashed and turned into candies.

Encountered March 2020

50 Yuugure Light

Yuugure Light

Category: Accessoire

The main character Chinami used a smartphone cover featuring bun ears. Volume 3 chapter 15 also features an Alice in Wonderland themed chapter cover with one character having bunny ears. (The bun part there has no real bearings to the plot though.)

Encountered April 2020


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This too: https://www.anime-planet.com/manga/the-top-dungeon-farmer

ialex32 Jan 22, 2023

Another one is Tenshi Nanka ja Nai, which has Midori drawing a rabbit in the sand as a young child (in the last chapter, the epilogue).

ialex32 Jan 21, 2023

I don't see Mimi ga Kieta Hi in here, which has a rabbit in the first panel.

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