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Read Or Die TV

Sep 11, 2011

Excellent. Now that we've established that...

Read or die follows three sisters and an popular author. The author looks for an old friend and continues to write. The three sisters are paper masters, this basically means they can manipulate paper to do awesome crazy stuff (think green lantern except he needs lots of paper and the skills to manipulate it properly). During the story the sister will randomly have their own episodes where they go on missons, these seem random but hold purpose later.

Characters. Are great! Real, authentic, believeable and honest. Most mesh well together but the ones that don't, dont' for obvious reasons.

Sound/Music. Amazing. Possibly the best I've heard in an anime to date. The opening theme sents the pace with a jazzy exciting beat, read or die will continually use music to match the mood and build excitment throughout, they do this masterfully. Also the voices (i watched the subbed version, so if you are watching the english dubbed, i don't know how it'll sound) match so well with each character, even though i don't speak japanese i can tell the tones and understand each characters general emotion. Voices are so perfect.

Animation is great. Smooth free of flaws, it follows explosions, detailed paper construction, and fights without flaw.

Overall this is really really great. Music and voices are so marvelous, the characters are really great, and work so well together. The story really picks up after episode 13 and things become EPIC. With a little bit of sillyness, some growing up, dire situations, and creative stunning battles, read or die balances battle and emotion with precisly as it shound be. Also has lots of book references so prepare for that. DON"T SKIP THIS ANIME IT IS GREAT

9/10 story
9/10 animation
9.7/10 sound
9.6/10 characters
9.4/10 overall
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