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I adore these characters


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aaLIEzz Dec 30, 2021

Bruh, I read your comment on Lin. And it's misleading.

I checked 104.

Lin still loves him and that energy has nothing to do with it.

In 103, she already decided to break up with him as her last sex with that trash. In next ch she did, and she didn't forget anything, still remembers him. For proof, see, she cried in her car after parting with trash.

In the end she did everything for her friend, she chosed her friendship with Pink girl over her relationship with trash.

So yeah, she sacrificed herself.

So don't say it was coz of that energy

And I hope you edit that comment or just delete it. 

Iwreckyou Dec 29, 2021

I was surprised but this manhwa was only good until the Pop Idol and Olympic athlete arc ended. I really wasn't expecting anything good either way

March3 Dec 29, 2021

VERY sad?

aaLIEzz Dec 29, 2021

Sorry but I don't care anymore about this manhwa.

It was good upto 76.

But in later chapters when he cheated on Lin even after she'd done everything for him.

He was nothing but a trash in my eyes.

And from latest chapters, it's pretty much obvious he's gonna end up with Pink hair girl.

So if you're her fan. Then  be glad. Coz Lin would lose in the end.