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Action Comedy Anime (6/10 And Above)

Plenty of laughs and action scenes

Adversarial or Controversial Characters that I Secretly Like

Sometimes an antagonist or a controversial character has attributes that make you like them and wish the best for them. They may be too cool, too funny, or too endearing to hate. This is a list of the ones that I personally...

Animes with OP villains (6/10 And Above)

Animes with OP villains (for THEIR world). Typically it takes a lot of collaboration, a crazy trick/trap, or just good old improbable occurrences to beat them.

Anime Worth Watching (8/10 And Above)

I’m a tough rater, so when something is an 8/10 in my eyes, that means that I would highly recommend watching it. You may notice that some of the seasons from different animes are not included. Those seasons may have been a...

Characters I could see myself being friends with

These are characters who have skills or attributes that I see in my friends.

Characters that Make You Wish That You Could Jump Into The Screen And Kill Them Yourself.

Sometimes a character is so twisted, treacherous, evil, and demented- or gets away with so much, that you wish you could personally handle them yourself. Typically marked by you yelling (in your head or out loud) at a good...

Females Who Are Or Will Be "Wifey Material"

These are females who possess traits that are worthy of marriage. I'm not a creep lol. Some of these may be listed as teenagers or whatever but I'm referring to their future grown-up selves. *** = My favs

Funniest Anime Characters

Characters that make you laugh almost every time they are on the screen.

"Good Guys" that I Secretly Hate

Ever have a character that the creator intended for you to like, but that character secretly gets on your nerves or under your skin. Here is my personal list.