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Yona of the Dawn

Nov 18, 2014

Based on 6 episodes.

Plot (Spoiler Alert)

Yona is 15 year old Princess who is pretty spoilt and clueless. Her two best friends are her cousin Soo-Won who is sweet and gentle,and who she dreams of marrying and Hak, would be leader of the wind tribe. The monarchy is supported by several tribes, the Wind among them. Hak takes on the role of the Princess's minder at the Kings' request and is powerful and strong, but appears to take no interested in either being the Princess's protector or leader of the Wind tribe.

The King the younger of two brothers was surprisingly given the throne instead of his brave and talented brother (Soo-Won's father), but accepts the decision gracefully and supports his brother, the King, but later dies in battle. The King on the other hand is gentle and hates weapons and fighting. 

On Yona's 16th birthday Soo-Won arrives for the birthday celebrations and gives her a hair clip that matches her red hair. Her father also forbids her from marrying Soo-Won. That evening she goes to her father's quarters to persuade him to change his mind, to find Soo-Won murdering her father. He then orders her death but is rescued by Hak. During this time it is discovered that Soo-Won's father was murdered by the King, which is something he has carried since childhood and has since wished for revenge. After the murder he is crowned King.

Yona and Hak escape and from here the story really begins.


There is a reason why these types of animes are made time and time again. Simply because we love them. It's the typical journey of a young woman, finding her strength alongside beautiful, strong and brave young men. With enemies that can be hated and loved at the same time and are incidently also beautiful, of course then there are also the enemies that are so evil that you absolutely want to see their defeat, but manage to evade justice time and time again. I can tell from the outset, that this is one of those animes. Girls love them, we are still dreaming of the fairy tale. I imagine this is one of those stories that could continue beyond 100 episodes.

So with that, there are no surprises here, it is exactly what is written on the tin and I wouldn't change a thing.


Well above average, good backgrounds, well drawn characters with many differing features.


Really good. No irritating female voices so far, and I hope it stays that way


Great characters, lots of personality, with plenty of room for growth and back stories.


It should be great and I'm really looking forward to it.

9/10 story
8.5/10 animation
8.5/10 sound
9/10 characters
8.5/10 overall

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Blossoms Nov 19, 2014

Congratulations on posting the first review on Yona of the Dawn! This anime really does explore the struggles of the two main characters and has a great plot. I am also really looking forward the forthcoming episodes ^^