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I love anime...........obviously >_>

anyways when I start something I obsessivley see it through to the finish line. Even if it's a horrible anime..... So If I marked something as dropped or stalled, stay away from it for your own good because there must be something very wrong with it.

I live in the bahamas (envy me!!)

My favourite anime to date is Clannad/after story.

*for my reference*

my rating key: (I rate mostly subjectiveley. If I ever decide to write a review It'l be objective but for now I'm only veiwing highly recommended content so more stars will probably be given)

5 stars: Adictive and memorable.

4 stars: Highly entertaning

3 stars: Good.

2 stars: average.

1 star: Abysmal.

(Decimals used to lean inbetween general marks and 0.5 indicates unwatchability)

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462 total

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I adore these characters

I'm not a fan of these characters


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CrimsonCondor Sep 2, 2019

Stay safe from Hurricane Dorian! 

commonxreaction Jul 4, 2015

I just realized your name is "tootalls" and not "tootails."

NorthPole Nov 5, 2014

You are INVITED! ^__^

Spread the word!

Sianeka Sep 25, 2014

Thank you! Am now following you! Keep in touch and leave me a comment on my profile page any time - I'd love to hear from you!

Pertella Aug 25, 2014

Hello and sorry for not replying sooner when I got the message .

Of course, there’s no questions in my mind that a Noe ending would have been perfect, it could have easily been a story about Shin letting go of the past and realizing his new found love for Noe and it could have definitely sent a good message that rare people like Noe can in fact have a happy ending in real life and it’s not like Noe didn’t deserve to be happy, the ending could’ve been a hopeful one in my opinion But I think that the writers wanted Noe to be special in that regard and make her the tragic heroine instead so that the show would be more memorable .It’s true that Noe didn’t end up with Shin but she gained something valuable in return ,she gained her human emotions back which wouldn’t have happened if she didn’t experience heartbreak.

I think that people are blaming Hiromi way too much for the outcome of the anime.I agree that she acted selfishly on many occasions but she’s not an evil person, I think that she got way too much undeserved hate compare to some of the characters on the show(Aiko,mother) I think that the one who’s closer to a villain in this show is the mother, while I sympathize with her emotions and feelings, going as far as to abuse Hiromi physiologically and mentally to the point of depression is just a downright cruel and heartless thing to do. I think that every teenager like Hiromi if put in the same situation would have emotional problems and abandonment  issues so I sympathize with Hiromi  more because she’s just a victim of harsh circumstances.

And your right hiromi did tell the Mc at the end to choose who he wants and that she will accept his answer no matter what .

I strongly recommend the Noe Drama CD which can be found on Nyaa, It doesn’t change the ending but it gives a good closure to Noe .