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Space Dandy

Jul 6, 2014

Space Dandy seems to have its reputation tainted by Cowboy Bebop - simply everyone who watches this show should stop and realize that this is not Cowboy Bebop and should not be treated as such comparison. The two share a similar themes in being about space, about cowboys, and about a group of random people hunting aliens/people, and... oh wait, it is sounding like Cowboy Bebop. At most, this show can be taken for a comical parallel of Cowboy Bebop, for those who have taken into account that the setting is almost identically the same besides the plot (there are its major differences); however, I believe this is a large mistake on the studio's part in lack of anticipation for the audiences reactions.

Getting into the show...

What Plot?

The show is ultimitely episodic. Several times the show appears to end, but only to find the next episode acts like absolutely nothing happened. The first episode ends with the entire crew dying (spoiler alert!) but telling you such a thing is irrelevant as the show coninues on. This is a major chopping block to any amount of meaningful overarching story to take place.

The best feeling this show can get is a sitcom: watch an episode then completely forget about it because what happened in that episode doesn't mean jack sh*t in the others. To say that this show does not flesh out its characters through plot devices would be a lie, there were a couple of episodes which highlighted each of the two minor characters (Mr. Dandy will probably wait until Season 2 for his backstory). Thats the only pat on the back I can give Space Dandy, the rest of the show glimmered nothing.

Comedy was elementary in a sort of slapstick and immature manner. Inherintely there is nothing wrong with that - the first episode gave me a quick laugh with its own version of Hooters - but there is something wrong with not coming up with new humor. The same jokes, punchlines, and dialogue were stretched acrossed 13 episodes, and soon enough the foil among the three loser protagonists became nothing more than watching some losers do their thing. Loser protagonists can be done right too, just watch Kaiji and you will immediately understand why he is one of my favorite characters, but without any sort of real feeling of tension in the story or development of characters, such characters will fall hard.

So the characters aren't even unique?

Nope. Since the characters learn nothing from previous shows, they act the same way for 13 solid episodes. That wouldn't be bad if they weren't predictable. Dandy says something sexual, Meow says something stupid, and QT complains about how he can't  upgrade his software. I couldn't even try and laugh that much if I wanted. 

The most interesting episodes were the ones which focused on developing the characters background or perhaps personality - Let's not forget that any new attitudes gained were immediately forgotten.

This show sounds terrible, why not just score it 1/10?

I found the show intriguing, creative, and artistically pleasing. The jazzy music gave a change of pace to what you normally hear, and it wasn't oddly placed - not groundbreaking or phenomenal, but pleasing to the least. Artwork changed somewhat dramatically on occasion, like that you would see in Gurren Lagann during certian fight scenes. Creativity expressed itself through some the outlandish scenarios that the space crew met, in which the alien planets were more interesting in and of itself more than the crew at times.

All of this was the greatest potential to the show - experimenting with (somewhat) unique art design, exploring odd frontiers in space, and simply disregarding logic in an easy going fashion. To the show's demise, we explore these places with really, really, really not so exciting people who aren't that funny. Even if you want to go on vacation and sight see wondrous landmarks and museums, bringing people who don't belong ruin the trip.

3/10 story
7/10 animation
6/10 sound
2/10 characters
3/10 overall

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SentientCrab Feb 25, 2015

I think you missed the point of Space Dandy. The characters are intentionally flat, and the show is intentionally episodic. The entire show is just Watanabe goofing around. There’s nothing to be gained by watching the show and that’s just fine. As a fan of Lupin you should understand the time and place for hokey.