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 Hello everyone

Work in progress, but hey... here - have some gifs

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frankstleBilly Feb 8, 2017

How things? Good i suppose. Now I'm busy with my work and universty so I don't have much time to watch anime or read manga. Now I'm eating sweets and learning to exam :D But it's almost end and after this I'll have much less classes at the university, so I plan to start learn japanese and it isn't so bad as it looks. I think it'll be pretty fun ^^

Oh, are work and uni going well? :o

Japanese LOOKS really hard but for all I know it could be easy. I'm not good at learning languages in general so I'd probably find it hard no matter what. Hopefully it's all good for you. ^^

And how about you, how is it going? Hope u doin' well :)

Yeah, not bad thanks! Been busy at college, watching anime, playing games, the usual really. :P

frankstleBilly Feb 2, 2017

Hey dude! How are things? :)

sewn Sep 18, 2016


I was just snooping around (like I always do c:) and I came across your page.

It's nice to meet you, how are you?

Let me introduce myself. I'm Sewn, but you can call me Kei, or whatever you want. ^_-

I hope we can talk more and become friends. c:

Have a nice day or night, whichever it is for you. xx

idekwhatmynameis Aug 29, 2016

Hiyaa :3 Thank you for following me, I followed you back ^-^ If you ever need something or just want someone to chat with, I'm always available :3 Hope you have a nice day~

SophiaDiggins Aug 8, 2016


It's my pleasure! c: Yeah I completely understand knowing you watch them after the season, I don't usually watch ongoing series, and I know many people don't either! What I usually I do is read the manga before the anime cause I get impatient from time to time c': Everyone wishes they have all the time in the world to watch anime xD I'll check out your recommendation for sure! There is a supernatural aspect to Clannad so I don't really mind it xD and It's alright! Your english is actually very good! I didn't see a mistake at all c: No need to thank me (^-^)

You have a great day too!~

To insert a gif you do [*IMG]link[*/IMG] without the *

so for example the link is:

You do [*IMG][*/IMG]

Without the * and you'll get the gif below c: Try it on my profile if you need to! Don't worry about making a mistake c: