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Jan 10, 2021

First some items I need to adress. I'm Dutch to expect some spelling errors, if they are to annoying just message me and I'll fix it.

My opinion may vary from others and this is fine. People are different so there is a good chance that I will not like what you love. Deal with it. I'm not telling you that you should hate it too, I'm telling you why I didn't like it.

I'll try to keep swearing to a minimum but fail utterly on occasion. In general it is the more the anime pisses me off the more I swear so watch out for the low scored ones.

Art: It's fine. It's so very hard these days to screw this part up with the use of CGI in so many shows. Not outstanding but certainly not bad either. It does what it needs to do.

Sound: I very rarely pay any attention to the music. It should be there but not overshadow what is on screen and in that regard it succeeded. Voice acting is fine.

Characters: The main character is Saya. She is outwardly a normal girl who tends to be a bit of a klutz who is bad at sports. In reality she sets out to fight monsters that find their way into town in order to feed on the towns people.

Tadayoshi is Saya's father and priest at the shrine they life at. He directs Saya to where she is needed in order to stop the monsters.

Fumito owns a cafe right next to the shrine and Saya visits here on a dayly basis for coffee and food. He always listenes to her problems and provides her with advice when needed.

Story. Saya lives happily with her father at their shrine, where he is the priest. She goes to school at the sleepy mountain town and has some good friends at school. At night she prowls the streets hunting for monsters who infiltrated the town in order to feast on the people there. As the number of attacks keep going up she finds that her vow to protect everyone is harder and harder to keep.

Rant. Where to begin here? First the obvious; this takes place in the blood franchice same as Blood + and Blood, the movie so there are many things that are familiar. In those stories Saya is the last original vampire who fights monsters for a living. In the movie she knows sho and what she is and simply goes out killing. The series she starts out with amnesia and slowly learns who she really is. Blood C is somewhere between these 2. She knows that she is special and capable of defeating these monsters but her recollection of past events is hazy.

This anime is not good in that the story is weak and incredibly forced at times. It is also unintentially hilarious. I laughed my ass off at times by the amount of bullshit or irony on screen. Go watch this as a comedy but not as a horror.

1/10 story
6/10 animation
6/10 sound
1/10 characters
2/10 overall
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