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Nisekoi: False Love

Sep 15, 2020

No spoiler part 

    pros: -well made girl  characters for harem its easy for people to pick up one that they wish to win

            -sometimes very good jokes

    cons: -main story is about 25% of all chapters (so if u like mangas with short stories that end in one or two chapters then                 this is manga for you and i would rate it 8 at that point) 

             - no main character development for 200 chapters

             - very predictable story

SPOILER Part !!!

   Well story starts very interestingly as Raku (main character) is son of yakuzas leader and is forced to date girl from some gang in order to make a peace between families. Ofcorse they both hate each other  Raku and that girl (Chitoge) and in early parts we see both yakuza and gang trying to pick a fight with each other but sadly later on autor dont use them in story, if only for joke. As far as main character goes he is always the same he always try to act nice and thats all about him ( also he is good at coocking). As story goes he is always same to everyone he reacts same  until the end  when it feels like author decied to finish this manga so he force him to pick one girl wich is ofc girl he was forced to date in the begining. So for the whole time lets say 190 chapters Raku reacts to everyone the same.  Thats why i had feeling like im reading the same "love story" again and again with other girls like Onodera sisters , Tsugumi or even  Ruri(even though she doesnt like him she feels same way in her ark with her grandfather). Nice change was Marika she made this manga at least a little diferent but sadly her last part of story where she was forced to get married was a bit off. Also best writen  love development was for me  between Ruri and Shuu wich was showen in nearly every chapter wich is sad since they are not main characters of the story. So thats why i gave 6 points for the story. Since i finished it its not under 5 plus i like that magic behind the pendant.

   As art goes it was pretty good but it wasnt mindblowing so thats why 7 it is also there were some funny faces that i like wich were well drawn.


    -Raku: boring

    -Chitoge: energetick, cute but same during whole manga except for when she found that she likes Raku
    -Onodera Kosaki - classic shy girl nothing new
    -Marika: always showing her love to Raku sometiems its too much
    -Yui: you need to have oneechan in harme right i guess ?
    -Tsugumi: hardest to describe from all charactrers but serves as more like side character that serves Chitoge but is well       writen. And her chapters are prob. best of all girls( my favorite character)
    -Ruri: support for onodera
    -Shuu class comic(aslo wery well writen)
    Overall it has average characters 7 (wasnt abel to wind waifu here)

(6+7+7)/3= 6,666667 so if we round it matematicly its 7 its not anything new but its solid and it wasnt waste of time for me.

Recommendations if you liked this manga : Yamada-kun and seven withces or Go-toubun no hanayome

(this was my first review also sorry for my english)


6/10 story
7/10 art
7/10 characters
7/10 overall
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