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The X-Files should get an adaptation.

Poipu Tipnup!

Dayton, OH!

I love hockey; my favorite teams are: the Montreal Canadiens (NHL), Colorado Avalanche (NHL), Cincinnati Cyclones (ECHL), Traktor Chelyabinsk (KHL), Oji Eagles (ALIH), and the Connecticut Whale (NWHL).

Baseball is fun also; my favorite teams are: the Atlanta Braves (MLB) and the Nippon-Ham Fighters (NPB).

My top five (5) anime are: FLCL, NGE (Rebuilds included), Toradora!, The Big O, and Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind.

My top three (3) manga are: NGE, Oyasumi Punpun, and River's Edge.

I've been in a bunch of bands and music projects: Limon Chique, Alces, Egyptian Basement Jazz, Heavy Presser, GOOD TAR, Milk Mouth, Tache Noire, STHUFF, Tran Kohn, and xHERMANOSx just to name a few. My banner is me and my friends after a LOOEE ZEEANNA show (we booked a show under the guise of a real band sometime in 2010, and made noise/broke things for a half hour). I’m on the far right. I’m not currently working on any projects.

Speaking of music! My top five (5) artists are: The Mummies, Gorillaz (mostly Phase 1-3), Rage Agaisnt the Machine, The Pillows, and (MF) DOOM.

My top five (5) movies are: Brick, Ocean's 11 (1960), Lost in Translation, Clerks, and The Blair Witch Project (BONUS: If you haven't seen it, you MUST watch Bloodthirst: Legend of the Chupacabras! My friends and I were obsessed with this movie in middle school and high school).

Attempting this bio is something I haven't done since probably 2012 on tumblr, so cut me some slack... (  ゚,_ゝ゚)

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Ritsuharu Jul 13, 2020

Ah I see. That happened to a lot of people around me... I hope things turned out okay ^^

Ritsuharu Jul 5, 2020

Aww happy cat <3

Thanks! I just finished the last exam for now, and next year I'm done whit college and I won't miss it, I can't afford to drop out now, but lately I literally dreamed about that a lot tho :'D

Ritsuharu Jun 23, 2020

Thanks for the follow

Your cat is so cute <3

Farny Jun 18, 2020

<div class="userContent">Yes, thank you ^-^</div> <div class="userContent"> </div> <div class="userContent">Yeah, Punpun is a masterpiece, at first I didn't appreciate it and dropped it after few chapters probably because I didn't really understand it... Later, I became interested in it again so I tried to read it again and I really loved it... Then, I started to read most of his works and I completely fell in love with this author :) He is not my absolute favourite but he definitely is one of the best, in my opinion ^-^</div>

Farny Jun 11, 2020

Hi :) Thank you for following me ^^

I'll follow you back :)

Feel free to talk to me whenever you feel like it ^^

Also, I saw on your profile that you read a lot of Inio Asano's works... I really like him too, he probably is one of my favourite authors and his art is breathtaking **