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Boys Over Flowers

Jan 7, 2013

Hana yori dango is a great Anime. I'm not a fan of the animation though, I really like the 'new ones' better. Still, the story is such a great one that it need to be watched!

Hana yori dango is about a girl comming from a poor family. During her middle school she went with all sorts of middle class kids, but since her parents is all about getting rich, they pay a big amount to get Tsukushi into the rich kids high school, high hopes for their daugther to find a rich man to get marry to. Tsukushi is not a big fan of the idea though. During middle school she were a strong person who prevented kids for being bullied. This isn't the case anymore, now in high school she wants nothing but getting through the years totally unoticed and avoid any kind of trouble.

At the high school four boys, who calls themselves the F4, is ruling the whole place. They are feared and noone is brave enough to step up to them. Everyone in the school is obeying them and if a student is bullied by them, noone dares to help. If anyone gets the notorious red card in their locker, everybody around the person will either step away or bullying them.

The kids in school carry out sick pranks on those who is victims for the F4.
One day Tsykushis friend is being pushed by them. Even so Tsukushi refuse to just let it go and she interfere. This cause some problems for Tsukushi, because now she stepped up to the F4 and noone have ever done that. Tsukushi is fighting with the leader Tsukasa. She is now being bullied by pretty much everyone in the school! Slowly she begins to make friends with the F4 and Tsukasa is even saving her sometimes from serious pranks played on her. The two of them evovles feelings for eack tocher even though Tsukushi is denying it the whole time.

Lots of problems and persons is interfering in the evovling of Tsukishis and Tsukasas love but they end up having each tocher. A perfect love story! This will be totally worth of time!

9/10 story
5/10 animation
6/10 sound
8/10 characters
7/10 overall
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