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Sianeka Aug 21, 2014

Hi! Thanks for your comment! About the Help team...

There really isn't an active Help Center team as there really aren't many members on the site asking questions about the site.  I'd basically created the Help Center as a resource to help the A-P Welcoming Committee (who greet new members upon sign up - I only created it at the end of February, so since you signed up mid-February you never got a welcome greeting) answer any questions the new members they are greeting might have. A-P Welcoming Committee aka WECO

The site's existing FAQs page was outdated and pretty useless. I updated them and am working on adding new How To guides to teach members how to do specific tasks on the site.

Summary: there is no Help Center Team per se, the WECO members act as the de facto team. They are the ones to answer any questions that come in from new members, since they are generally the people to whom such questions are addressed. There is no daily Help Center club activity. Volunteers can help to create GUIDES to help do specific tasks: One can look in the Help Center Threads in Forum section to see topics that already have Guides created, and look in this topic (Brainstorm topics that should be created)to get ideas for new Guides that may be needed. Feel free to add new suggestions in that topic as well, if you don't see a Guide type listed that should exist.

If you want to help answer new member questions, consider signing up as a WECO Greeter to do welcomes to new members. But note that this involves a time commitment. Minimum commitment is 5 new members assigned to you, one day a week. (The number of assignments you are given and the days you work are pre-determined when you sign up as dictated by the availability you indicate when you sign up.) Or, alternatively, if you don't feel available to commit at this time, join a Forum club such as the Anime Newbies Club that are created especially to answer member questions.

Post in this topic if you want to see content added to the FAQs: Re: Help Club revival