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Ubume no Natsu

Aug 4, 2019

Once upon a time, I didn't really know what to read, and had some random person on the forums decide for me. What I got was a short manga that I have some very mixed feelings about.

The Summer of the Ubume is a mystery/horror/supernatural manga... or at least in theory, as there isn't much horror to it, it's never very clear if you can call it "supernatural" or not, and the mystery also isn't really the focus.

What the manga does focus on, is a ton of philosophical and metaphysical pseudo-science mumbo-jumbo - which makes it glaringly obvious that this was based on a novel. This sadly always brings the story involving the mystery to a standstill, making it quite boring read for about 50% of the manga. I was kept waiting for things to happen for so long, that in the end I couldn't care less about who died or lived, as there was zero suspense left by the end. Someone should've told the author to cut the crap a little.

It should be noted however, that it's (probably) not entirely the author's fault that I found those talks boring. A part of the problem is that there's a lot of talk about Japanese youkai and other legends - for people more familiar with the stories about ubume and other parts of Japanese folklore, the talks might be a bit more interesting.

As for the characters: they were mostly fine without being very impressive. The two main characters were kind of annoying however. Especially Sekiguchi, the freelance tabloid reporter, was far too flimsy a character. His friend Kyogokudou on the other hand was annoying because he always felt so smug towards Sekiguchi, and then he was surprised if things went wrong because he didn't explain anything... I already abhor the idea that there are multiple other books with these two.

The art, while mostly nothing too special, was nice enough most of the time and had some moments where it was actually great imo.

Overall: Ubume no Natsu is an okay mystery wrapped in a bunch of unnecessary stuff that only serves to drag it down. It could've been a good manga, but now it's only "okay".

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6.5/10 story
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