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Big list of short manga recommendations by /r/manga

This is a compilation of recommendations for short manga (normally 7 volumes or less, but I made a few exceptions) made by reddit's manga subreddit. - The numerical order is ordered in 3 alphabetical "levels": first are the manga I read, then other manga with comments, and lastly the manga without comments. Use the drop-down menu if you want a random or completely alphabetical order :) - relevant reddit thread:
1 3 Level Combination

3 Level Combination

Demographic: Seinen

Genres: Sci Fi, Androids, Bullying, Drama, Romance, School Life, Bullying

A-P_Score and ranking: 6.08/10 - #7,785

/u/shwag945: This is an underrated and unknown series by my favorite manhwaga (Korean mangaka). In comparison to his other series this one is of a much more serious nature while at the same time still containing his signature humor. It is a series that shares themes with My Heart is Beating and series like Goodnight Punpun (while not being anywhere near as complex). Here is my [RT!] of it. See the How-To-Guide for reading Ha Il-Kwon's works. Manhwa/full color. 9/10

Me: At first I got some serious Chobits-vibes from this, which didn't bode well since I really dislike that manga. But soon enough, this manhwa proved me wrong and showed that it was vastly superior. It's a good, relatively quick read for people who like romance, androids, drama and a bit of comedy in their comics. 8/10

2 7 Billion Needles

7 Billion Needles

Demographic: Seinen

Genres: Action, Drama, Aliens, Body Sharing, Sci Fi

A-P_Score and ranking: 6.938/10 - #5,249

Me: A modern version of Parasyte or Alien Nine at first, but becomes a bit different afterwards. A good read for bodysharing alien-enthusiasts. 8/10 

Licensed in English by Vertical

3 10th Dimension Boys

10th Dimension Boys

Demographic: Unclear

Genres: Comedy, Episodic, Crude

A-P Score and ranking: 7.022/10 - #5,006

Me: if you like fart-jokes this is a must-read!  If you don't like fart-jokes, Santa will fart in your face soon enough. 6/10

4 2015: Space Series

2015: Space Series

Demographic: unclear

Genres: Anthology / Collection , Sci Fi, Outer Space, Aliens

AP rating and ranking: 6.7/10 - [not enough votes]

me: Since this is an anthology it's more or less a given that this is a mixed bag: while some stories are outstanding, others are merely ok or even boring. Still worth the read though, 7/10

Licensed and readable for free at LINE's

5 A Girl on the Shore

A Girl on the Shore

Demographic: Seinen

Genres: Drama, Romance, Coming of Age, Slice of Life, Psychological

AP rating and ranking: 7.59/10 - #3,266

/u/solaris251: probably my favorite book in my collection right now. 

me: I'm honestly not sure why this is received so well. It's 60% sex scenes, and the story nor the characters are all that special. Luckily the artwork is great, which raised my score to a 6/10

Licensed in English by Vertical

6 Another


Demographic: Seinen

Genres: Horror, Mystery, Psychological, School Life

AP rating and ranking: 8.022/10 - #1,997

/u/shwag945: An exceptional heart racing mystery-horror series that I think is best read on a dark and stormy night (I did this actually). The art is very well drawn. The characters and plot are very well written. All together the artist and author were able to bring together an amazing atmosphere for a very pleasurable experience. It is an Light Novel adaptation which is fully adapted and also has an anime.

me:  I couldn't really get into this. 5/10

Licensed in English by Yen Press

7 A Distant Neighborhood

A Distant Neighborhood

Demographic: Seinen

Genres: Drama, Slice of Life, Time Travel

AP rating and ranking: 8.472/10 - #878

Me: It's a manga which uses time travel as a plot device to adress the themes of regrets and second chances. The characters act realistically and are portrayed well, and the way events unfold feels quite natural. The artwork is nice too. An interesting manga, and definitely recommended. 8/10

Also featured in /r/manga's Book Club: link

Licensed in English by Ponent Mon/Fanfare ; adapted to a French live-action movie

8 A Drifting Life

A Drifting Life

Demographic: Seinen

Genres: Autobiographies, Drama, Historical, Slice of Life, Gekiga

AP rating and ranking: 8.678/10 - #451

me: A great read for anyone interested in how manga developed from short snippets in newspapers to the industry it is today. The autobiographical aspect brings some strong drama too. 8/10 

Licensed in English by Drawn & Quarterly

9 A Silent Voice

A Silent Voice

Demographic: Shounen

Genres: Drama, Coming of Age, School Life, Bullying

AP rating and ranking: 9.11/10 - #24

/u/shwag945: A redemption story about a kid who bullied a deaf girl. I really enjoyed the story and it reminded me of a more streamlined, less metaphorical, and more straight forward version of Goodnight Punpun. The art is quite unique and good. Also check out the one shot version. 9/10 

/u/FillInTheBlank: A great manga about a deaf elementary girl and bullying in Japanese schools 

me: Words can't really say how much I like this. It's just such a great bullying / coming of age manga. Bullying is a theme that's adressed a lot in manga, and often I find myself annoyed by it, but the execution here is really great imo. 9/10

Licensed by Crunchyroll and Kodansha comics in English and Ki-oon in French

10 Abandon the Old in Tokyo

Abandon the Old in Tokyo

Demographic: Seinen

Genres: Drama, Slice of Life, Collections, Gekiga, Mature Themes, Sexual Content

AP rating and ranking: 6.73/10 - #6,218


A collection of short stories by the father of 'gekiga'. However all the stories end quite abruptly, without a real sense of closure. The stories also didn't always succeed in making me feel connected to them, which is probably in part because of the themes that were presented in this manga and partly because of the age.

Another annoying part is the character designs: especially for the male main characters, the design was the same for at least half of them (which confused me quite a bit at first, because I didn't know it was a collection of stories at the time).

I honestly can't really recommend picking this up, unless you really feel like you want to explore the old Japanese mentality at the start of the '70s. 

Licensed in English by Drawn & Quarterly

11 About Death

About Death

Demographic: Seinen

Genres: Drama, Psychological, Afterlife, Supernatural

AP rating and ranking: 8.18/10 - #1,553

me: The premise of this manhwa will probably be recognized by those who know of Death Parade : it's a simple premise,  with people who have just died talking about their lives. While mainly episodic in nature, I do hope nobody will take that as a reason to not read it: the stories are alll simple and relatable, and you really feel for the characters.

Be sure to read it on the official website: the background music enhances the atmosphere. 9.25/10 

Licensed and readable for free at LINE's

12 Message to Adolf

Message to Adolf

Demographic: Seinen

Genres: Gekiga, Drama, World War 2, Military, Historical

AP rating and ranking: 8.56/10 - #684

me: Reasons to read this: it's one of Osamu Tezuka's best manga (at least of what I've tried so far), and it's a cool take on World War 2 from a Japanese point of view. Strong drama and a compelling plot take the reader for a great ride: 9/10 

Licensed in English by Vertical and in French by Tonkam

13 Aizawa-san Multiplies

Aizawa-san Multiplies

Demographic: Shounen

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Harem, School Life

AP rating and ranking: 7.654/10 - #3,834

me: This is a pretty nice rom-com featuring a girl who splits into multiple bodies. It's pretty fun to see and definitely the strangest 'harem' I've ever seen in manga. 7/10

Licensed in English by Crunchyroll

14 Akira


Demographic: Seinen

Genres: Action, Sci Fi, Psychic Powers

AP rating and ranking: 9.02/10 - #51

Me: Pretty great: there's suspense with some mystery in it, the art is great and the action is good. I also like sci fi and superpowers, so having those is a bonus too. It's called a 'classic' for a reason: 9/10

Licensed in English by Dark Horse, in French by Glénat

15 All You Need Is Kill

All You Need Is Kill

Demographic: Seinen

Genres: Action, Sci Fi, Military, Aliens, War, Time Travel

AP rating and ranking: 8.71/10 - #393

/u/moricrosis: All you need is kill might be worth checking out. If you watched the film Edge of Tomorrow, this is adapted from the novel that the film was inspired by. 


A soldier is stuck in a time loop fighting aliens hell bent on destroying humanity. Amazing action and writing. The art is also really great. The art is by the same artist as Death Note. This is an amazing series that is a manga adaptation of the novel of the same name. A Hollywood Blockbuster movie Edge of Tomorrow (IMBD link) is also an adaptation of the novel. The manga and movie are different enough from each other to be their own stories. So I suggest watch both as they will not spoil each other. I recommend buying the omnibus complete series as the print edition is very high quality.

me: A surprisingly good time travel / sci fi 'war against aliens' manga which entertained me even more than Edge of Tomorrow. An 8/10 from me. 

Licensed in English by Viz, in French by Kaze Manga

16 Alyosha!


Demographic: Seinen

Genres: Action, Comedy, School Life, Assassins

AP rating and ranking: 7.25/10 - #4,305

/u/mosdefin: An assassin disguised as a foreign exchange student suddenly loses her job and must continue life as a normal kid. That's pretty difficult when you've been raised as a trained killer for your entire life.

The fact that they play her murderous nature totally straight makes the manga even funnier. You'd think 'the crazy adventures of a killer student' would be irritatingly wacky, but it's actually really good. 

me: If you like the idea of a cute female assassin getting in funny situations, this is a must-read! 8/10 

17 The Sound of Magic: Annarasumanara

The Sound of Magic: Annarasumanara

Demographic: Josei

Genres: Drama, Manhwa, Psychological, Romance, School Life, Poverty

AP rating and ranking: 8.86/10 - #166

/u/shwag945: Do you believe in magic? A coming of age story unlike any other on this list. Despite it being a drama it feels light and will give you warm and fuzzy feelings. The art is beyond beautiful. Ha Il-Kwon (Mangaka of My Heart is Beating) uses color sparingly as bright and amazing moments among the black and white pages. See the How-To-Guide for reading Ha Il-Kwon's works9/10

me: This is probably the best drama comic I've ever read. A simple yet interesting plot and a small yet strong cast, combined with a beautiful and innovative artstyle (mostly black and white, with small amounts of colour to accentuate certain things, plus the use of actual photographs at some points). This manhwa deserves to be more popular, and gets a 10/10 from me.

Licensed and readable for free at LINE's

18 Anorexia: Shikabane Hanako wa Kyoshokushou

Anorexia: Shikabane Hanako wa Kyoshokushou

Demographic: Seinen

Genres: Drama, Ecchi, Horror, Romance, Psychological, Mature Themes

AP rating and ranking: 5.57/10 - #9,062

/u/kogsothoth: Honestly this series made me uncomfortable. It's about a family of... well, hey, let's let the tags describe the series: Cannibalism, Gore, Insanity, Mutilation, Rich Family, Tragic Past, Twin/s... Yeah, you get the picture. It's really weird. ... Go read it!

Me: This was less edgy and more enjoyable than I expected, but it still feels a bit clumsy at times. 5.5/10

19 Aozora Kirai no Usotsuki Semiko

Aozora Kirai no Usotsuki Semiko

Demographic: Shoujo

Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance

AP rating and ranking: 7.664/10 - #3,038

/u/shwag945: A very sweet short manga about a girl who is definitely not a Cicada. Despite it being shoujo it lacks the typical shoujo art which was nice. 8/10

Me: A short, bittersweet shoujo which was less predictable and not as full of clichés as what I'm used to. The guy's situation also hit quite close to home for me. Also gave feels. 8/10

20 Ashita Dorobou

Ashita Dorobou

Demographic: Seinen

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Sci Fi, Seinen

AP rating and ranking: 7.654/10 - #3,063

me: A good, relatively short manga. Certainly recommended for people who can enjoy a good romance manga.  It deals with the theme of reconnecting with 'the one who got away' in an interesting way, which gives a bittersweet touch to it all. 8.2/10 

21 Astra Lost in Space

Astra Lost in Space

Demographic: Shounen

Genres: Sci Fi, Drama, Survival, Outer Space, Action, Mystery

AP rating and ranking: 8.612/10 - #782

me: A survival manga in outer space, by the mangaka of Sket Dance. It's quite good, but I feel like it lacks something to make it great. The ending was also kinda lacklustre imo. 7/10

Licensed in English by Viz

22 Ayako


Demographic: Seinen

Genres: Drama, Historical, Psychological, Mature Themes

AP rating and ranking: 8.224/10 - #1,450

Me: A Tezuka manga in which almost everyone is an absolute asshole, and those who aren't are powerless to do anything useful. While the writing might be bold and the artwork great, lots of characters are used awkwardly as mere pawns in a great scheme directed by nobody in particular. Especially the way the titular character Ayako was handled was rather annoying imo. The ending was a bit too convenient too. So while there are a lot of great ideas here, I had to lower my initial score to a meager 5/10.

Licensed in English by Vertical

23 Azumanga Daioh

Azumanga Daioh

Demographic: Shounen

Genres: Slice of Life, Comedy, School Life, 4-koma

AP rating and ranking: 8.9/10 - #119

/u/candycaneforestelf: another fun manga that comes in a single omnibus-sized book.

me: This is a fun, short series which is just relaxing at times and hilarious at others. Don't pick this up if you want a deep story, but if you're looking for a soothing comedy then you'll have a great time with this one. 8.6/10

Licensed in English by Yen Press, in French by Kurokawa

24 Banana no Nana

Banana no Nana

Demographic: Shounen

Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Ecchi, Fantasy, Superpowers, Shoujo-ai

AP rating and ranking: 5.914/10 - #8,234

me: story-wise this is pretty meh (especially because it got axed), but it does feature one of the wackiest weapons ever: BANANAS. So yeah, give it a shot if you like that idea. Apart from those bananas this isn't worth reading, really. 4.5/10

25 Basilisk


Demographic: Seinen

Genres: Action, Feudal Japan, Ninja, Romance, Mature Themes

AP rating and ranking: 7.514/10 - #3,497

me: Tried this one, but I didn't see the appeal. Dropped during vol 1, but I might try it again later. 5/10 for now 

Licensed in English by Kodansha (after Del Rey went defunct), in French by Kurokawa

26 Believers


Demographic: Seinen

Genres: Drama, Psychological, Mature Themes, Explicit Sex, Explicit Violence

AP rating and ranking: 6.186/10 - #7,913

/u/Arcterion: A curious and fairly straight-forward manga that shows us how a fragile human mind can be manipulated into thinking in rather bizarre ways. Kinda short and leaves a couple of questions, but all in all I thought it was a fascinating read.


It's a rather interesting read about a trio of fanatic cult members. Especially the ending was very well done, answering most of your questions while also leaving a feeling of 'huh, I didn't expect that'.

As for criticism: I feel like the author put in too many sex scenes (ok, they serve a purpose, but the amount seemed a bit much) and it takes a while to get going. The art also isn't too special imo.

Overall: 7/10

27 Biomega


Demographic: Seinen

Genres: Action, Horror, Sci Fi, Cyberpunk, Pandemic

AP rating and ranking: 7.86/10 - #2,456

/u/shwag945: A cyberpunk series by the same mangaka as Blame! The art is amazing and it has some of the most amazing fight scenes in manga I have read. The series is very light on dialogue and other exposition and relies on the art to move the story alone. Due to the light amount of dialogue the series moves very quickly. 9/10

me: Takes 'show don't tell' to extremes, but actually might be better of explaining a bit more. Often confusing and probably needs multiple reads. As far as artwork goes it's top-notch, although the action is often quite confusing imo. 7/10 

Licensed in English by Viz, in French by Glénat

28 Bitter Virgin

Bitter Virgin

Demographic: Seinen

Genres: Drama, Romance, Mature Themes, Psychological, Sexual Abuse

AP rating and ranking: 8.164/10 - #1,651

/u/Arcterion: A very bitter-sweet manga that touches upon a couple of extremely heavy subjects, but handles them pretty well. I am not ashamed to admit I have shed more than a couple of tears while reading this.

Definitely a must-read that's full of feels and full of heals

/u/shwag945:  Initially I was put off by the tags which I usually avoid but I am glad I was convinced to read it as it was worth the read. I really hit hard and was true an amazing story. I do highly recommend you read it if you head my following advice: this series is very mature and not for the light hearted. Mature. 8/10

Me: This manga was a pleasant surprise for me: the title, cover and tags didn't really look appealing to me, but I thoroughly enjoyed it nonetheless. I was really happy with how the often heavy themes were handled, and most of the 'romance' was well done too. As a minor nitpick I'd have to say that I didn't like the 'harem-y' moments in it, but it was a good read: 8/10.

Licensed in French by Ki-oon

29 Blank Canvas: My So-Called Artist’s Journey

Blank Canvas: My So-Called Artist’s Journey

Demographic: Josei

Genres: Drama, Slice of Life, Autobiographies

AP rating and ranking: 8.826/10 - #214

/u/shwag945: An /r/manga Book Club series. Here is the link I highly suggest reading through the post text. The series is Akiko Hayashi's (mangaka of Jellyfish Princess and others) autobiography of her becoming a mangaka. The series was really relatable to me personably given the time in my life. I truly believe that if you have grown up and had some kind of difficulty with life decisions this series will resonate. Also the series is absolutely hilarious, the people (because they are actual people not just characters) are amazing, and the art is great. 9/10 

me: By the creator of Princess Jellyfish, a very famous josei manga. An autobiographical slice of life about a female mangaka's mentor and art teacher. A realistic and interesting story about an aspiring mangaka/artist's struggles which is at times heartwarming and heart wrenching at others, but constantly great. Strongly recommended - 9/10. 

Also featured in /r/manga's Book Club: link

30 Blood+


Demographic: Shounen

Genres: Action, Horror, Supernatural, Vampires

AP rating and ranking: 7.546/10 - #3,524

/u/Commanduf: Blood+ is pretty decent, just 5 volumes, also says fuck you to the current sparkly vampire meta. 

Me: A quite boring vampire-action manga with pretty much no redeeming features apart from the art. Turns out a crybaby vampire girl with amnesia isn't the most interesting protagonist. Who would have thought? I'd recommend skipping this one. 4/10

Note: I haven't watched the anime, although I did see the 'prequel' movie Blood: The Last Vampire

Licensed in English by Dark Horse, in French by Glénat

31 Blue Heaven

Blue Heaven

Demographic: Seinen

Genres: Action, Thriller, Drama, Horror, Psychological, Ocean, Violence

AP rating and ranking: 7.06/10 - #5,158

Me: This is a rather straightforward thriller about a killer on a cruiseship. The characters aren't handled all that well, but the story kept the tension high and made this a highly enjoyable read. 8/10

32 Bocchi na Bokura no Renai Jijou

Bocchi na Bokura no Renai Jijou

Demographic: Seinen

Genres: Romance, Comedy, School Life, Slice of Life

AP rating and ranking: 7.568/10 - #3,450

/u/chaosoul it's just another romance manga. This one's more modern and shorter. There's no twists or drama really, but it's sweet. 

Me: A short but nice romance manga about the only 2 people in a class who don't have a boyfriend/girlfriend. Not all too special, but it's nice and entertaining. 7/10

33 Boku ni Koi suru Mechanical

Boku ni Koi suru Mechanical

Demographic: Seinen

Genres: Action, Comedy, Romance, Sci Fi, Robots / Androids , Cancelled

AP rating and ranking: 5.75/10 - #8,789

/u/shwag945: AKA Moe Terminator. Cute terminators doing cute terminator things. I found it a funny short series. Unfortunately it got axed but I like what of it there is. Ecchi. 7/10


Do you like loli Terminators? 'Cause this manga has loli Terminators.

A short but funny manga full of pop culture references and ridiculous humor. The only downside is that it got axed, but the mangaka manages to turn even this into a joke.

me: This manga is Terminator: The Cute Girls version. They even make tons of jokes about it. It started out ok, and the humor was on point, but after a while it got a bit boring imo. The ending is also rushed because the manga got cancelled. All 'plot holes' are addressed in a monologue, but joking about that doesn't make it any nicer. Anyway, it's an ok read but don't expect too much and be prepared for a lame ending. 6/10

34 Bokura no Fushidara

Bokura no Fushidara

Demographic: Seinen

Genres: Drama, Seinen, School Life, Supernatural, Explicit Sex

AP rating and ranking: 7.22/10 - [not enough votes]

me: If you can look past  the sexual content in this manga (or even better: if you like it), you'll find a story about a 'deal with the devil' that is actually quite good. 7.5/10

35 Bonnouji


Demographic: Seinen

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Slice of Life

AP rating and ranking: 8.482/10 - #851

/u/shwag945: Very cute and realistic love story. Great writing. It is a very light hearted read and you will feel extremely happy reading this. 8/10

me: It's not often that I find romance manga that really go beyond the confession and delve into the territory of 'how is their life as a couple', but Bonnouji did this and it was great. It's a lighthearted read which creates a comfy atmosphere. 8/10

36 Bradherley no Basha

Bradherley no Basha

Category: Seinen

Genres: Horror, Sexual Abuse, Historical, Mature Themes

AP rating and ranking: 6.748/10 - #5,939

By Hiroaki Samura, the author of Blade of the Immortal

/u/miquel97: recommended

me: I personally have a hard time rating this manga, because the initial shocking scenes are really harsh, but as a horror it’s pretty good afterwards. If you have the stomach to get past the graphical torture scenes and you like horror, it might be worth giving this a shot. 6/10

37 Bus Hashiru.

Bus Hashiru.

Demographic: Seinen

Genres: Collections, Romance, Drama, Slice of Life

AP rating and ranking: 7.878/10 - #2,513

/u/shwag945: A compilation of romance oneshots by one of the best artists in the industry Yumeka Sumomo (Sahara Mizu). Five of the one shots are based around bus stops. The last two are centered around eye glasses. The stories are all very nice short and cute stories. As expected of the mangaka the art is top notch. 8/10

38 Carnivorous Princess Yegrinna

Carnivorous Princess Yegrinna

Demographic: Unclear

Genres: Action, Comedy, Ecchi, Fantasy, Romance, School Life

AP rating and ranking: 7.312/10 - #4,217


The world of animals is sick of humans so they send their princess, a black doberman who has a conspicuously attractive human form, to the human world to turn everyone into animals. Their entry into the human world just happens to be the back yard of the MC, a callous study freak, and when their two worlds collide hijinks ensue.

Art wise it is pretty sharp, though doesn't push any boundaries. I think the consistency works in its favour and there is a little ecchi thrown in there for good measure. The action sequences are a little flat, though I think that has as much to do with it not being entirely clear what the story is about.

Because the series really does seem to just do whatever it feels like, not sticking too rigidly to a genre, tone, audience or even a clear theme. I know that makes it sound like a mess but it kind of works... the story just does whatever it needs to and even though not always the most cohesive I just went with the flow as well and enjoyed each section for what it was. A lot of it is pretty obvious too but... I dunno, sometimes you just want something silly and straightforward.

Not a challenging or revolutionary piece but I found myself liking all the characters, being genuinely touched by the emotional setups and finding the sense of humour fun. It isn't long, you might not remember it afterwards, but if you want a quick read to break up long binges I think it is okay.

Me: the tone of this manga was a lot more serious than I expected, but that doesn't stop it from being an entertaining manhwa. Not exactly at the level Il-Kwon Ha reaches in his webtoons, but still worth it: 7/10

39 Chihaya-san wa Sono Mama de Ii

Chihaya-san wa Sono Mama de Ii

Demographic: Shounen

Genres: 4-Koma, Comedy, Romance, School Life, Ecchi, Food and Beverage

AP rating and ranking: 5.6/10 - #11,265

Me: This is a pretty sweet rom-com featuring a girl who wants to lose weight for the main love interest - even though that guy really doesn't want her to become skinny. It's a nice and fluffy manga with also some great side-characters. It's a pity it doesn't go on for longer though, because I would have loved to see more of this and there was definitely room for more development and food (really, the scenes where Chihaya is just eating are a lot more sexy than anything you get in Food Wars imo). The rating on this site is criminally low tbh. 8/10

40 Chikan Otoko

Chikan Otoko

Demographic: Seinen

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Slice of Life, Drama

AP rating and ranking: 8.54/10 - #723

/u/shwag945: Very misleading title. Amazing romance story with great writing. Dialogue heavy. Don't be put off by the art it grows on you. This story will make you feel very happy inside. Similar to Train Man. 9/10

/u/krumpberry: You can read this in a couple of hours and it's one of the best romance manga I have ever read

Me: it's a good romcom/drama, but somewhat overrated. 7/10

41 Choku!


Demographic: Shounen

Genres: Comedy, Romance, School Life, Webcomic

AP rating and ranking: 7.478/10 - #3,752

Anonymous redditor: short and cheerful

Me: When a pure comedy series isn't funny, there's just no reason to read it anymore. Dropped after 1 volume, 3/10.

42 Clean-Freak Fully-Equipped

Clean-Freak Fully-Equipped

Demographic: Shoujo

Genres: Romance, Comedy, School Life

AP rating and ranking: 7.074/10 - #5,027

/u/Wythfyre: was great for me since it was hilarious, though it might seem somewhat insensitive to people suffering from OCD.

Me: I would have liked more comedy and less romance, but it's alright like this too I guess. 6/10

Licensed in English by Tokyopop

43 Coulomb Fille

Coulomb Fille

Demographic: Shounen

Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Romance, School Life

AP rating and ranking: 7.484/10 - #3,865

/u/KogSothoth: I'm a sucker for heavy drama and romance, so when I saw someone recommend this here, the tags alone hooked me in. When I actually got down to reading it, I found exactly what I was looking for; An interesting story with a cute romance and some big drama.

Me: Without being 'outstanding', this manga manages to hit quite a number of my sweet spots: some good drama and a nice romance, with some 'extraordinary' elements mixed into it. Not as good as Magi no Okurimono, but still really good. 8/10

44 Dead Days

Dead Days

Demographic: Unclear

Genres: Horror, Zombies, Survival, Pandemic, Action, Drama, Psychological

AP rating and ranking: 7.314/10 - #4,214

Me: This is an interesting take on zombie apocalypse scenarios. The twists feel very natural and are pretty cool, and the characters are relatable. I also love how Bindo Kwak, one of the antagonists, was handled. The art is pretty damn nice too, and has several moments where it looks like an actual photograph. 

Definitely recommend if you like a good zombie apocalypse, or if you're interested in seeing a different take on it. 8/10

Licensed and readable for free at LINE's

Warning: Reading Dead Days Zero is also necessary if you want to understand the ending (on the reading order is ok)

45 Dolls (Yumiko KAWAHARA)

Dolls (Yumiko KAWAHARA)

Demographic: Josei

Genres: Collections, Drama, Supernatural

AP rating and ranking: 8.438/10 - #1,010

/u/Wythfyre: this had really great art and compelling stories, I liked how bite sized it all was since I'm not really a fan of long winding series.

Me: A rather boring collection of "horror" stories featurings "plant dolls", basically living dolls. It tries to be unsettling, but my mind always went towards what Junji Itou would do with the story - leading to a huge disappointment at the end of every chapter, when it turns out to be less interesting. The pages also feel like they're oversaturated with drawings. Dropped it after 1 volume. 5/10

Licensed in English by Viz

46 Dolls Fall

Dolls Fall

Demographic: Shounen

Genres: Horror, Mystery, Supernatural, School Life, All-Girls School, Mature, Explicit Sex, Explicit Violence, Sexual Abuse, Physical Abuse, Yuri

AP rating and ranking: 5.936/10 - #8,587

/u/miquel97: Let's start with that this manga is, for lack of better explanation, pretty fucked-up. One thing that ads to the fucked-upness is that this is all about little girls. I want to say that there are better story based gore manga out there, but this one is by no means bad. there are a couple of clichés like: 'you have to leave this town as fast as you can' but then the main character isn't told more information. the artwork isn't as good as the Ancient Magus Bride but it is still pretty good, even though the character models are sometimes out of proportion. Still I would recommend this series to anyone who likes horror/gore.


This manga is a disappointing mess which tries to make readers sympathize with the victims of gore solely by choosing young girls as the victims. The 'shocking' moments are overused to a point where you become numb to them, and most of the characters are absolutely boring. The 'ending' leaves a lot of plot threads hanging, but at this point I'm quite sure that even a sequel can't fix the problems in this series. The art has it's good moments but also a lot of bad ones.

My recommendation: avoid, unless you really want to see loli-guts and undue suffering. 3.6/10

47 Doubt (Yoshiki TONOGAI)

Doubt (Yoshiki TONOGAI)

Demographic: Shounen

Genres: Horror, Mystery, Play or Die / High Stakes Games, Mind Games

AP rating and ranking: 8.018/10 - #2,003

/u/miquel97: recommended

Me: Doubt is a 'locked room murder' mystery manga. It's not very original, and it feels a bit rushed. Characters aren't explored very well, and 'twists' often feel a bit dull. Still not a bad read though: 6/10

Licensed in English by Yen Press

48 Double Arts

Double Arts

Demographic: Shounen

Genres: Axed, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy

AP rating and ranking: 8.012/10 - #2,111

Me: This was a fun action manga with a cool concept (fighting while holding hands isn't exactly something you see everyday) but it got axed, and ends at a point where you could say only the prologue is done. Even with the disappointing (lack of) ending, it's still a nice read though: 7/10.

49 Duty after School

Duty after School

Demographic: Seinen

Genres: Action, Drama, Manhwa, Sci Fi, Military School, Monsters, Psychological, School Life, Violence, Aliens

AP rating and ranking: 8.592/10 - #623

/u/shwag945: This series basic premise is about how strange aliens appear around the world and how the Korean Military drafts high school students. One of my only two completed series I can call masterpieces. Ha Il-Kwon is one of the most talented Manhwaga out there. This series is a culmination of all his works to form this masterpiece. Before reading this series I highly suggest you read his other series; God of Bath, Annarasumanara, 3 Level Combination, and My Heart is Beating. By reading his other series you understand the themes he plays with and how he reworks and approached this series in a completely different way. In addition understanding his sense of humor helps a lot. Finally his art. He draws atypically and some people may not like the are but again if you read his other works it grows on you and you understand the reasons why it looks the way it does. The series very much based in his style but it is a very different kind of series than his earlier works. See the How-To-Guide for reading Ha Il-Kwon's works. 10/10

Me: This was a great manhwa, not only because of strong characterization and compelling plotlines, but also because of the greater ideas behind it (for example, how we take our current lifestyles for granted). The psychological impact of war is portrayed very well too. I would almost give it a perfect 10, but since I wish it ended a bit differently (not that it's a bad ending, but I would've liked it if it covered a longer period of the students' lives) I'll give it a 9.5/10

Licensed and readable for free at LINE's

50 Eien no With

Eien no With

Demographic: Shoujo

Genres: Drama, Slice of Life

AP rating and ranking: 8.85/10 - #175

/u/bardJungle: Before you skip this one because you don't really care for animals, or because 'I don't like shoujo', I strongly urge you to give this one a try. It's only one book long, and it won't disappoint.

The story is a simple one involving a girl and a dog. Without spoiling anything, it's a very heartwarming, and moving manga.

This is one of the best single-volume series I've come across. I highly recommend anyone to read it.

Me: If you like feels and dogs, this is one you should definitely read. Beautiful yet sad.. 8/10


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