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Blossoms Nov 21, 2014

Haha, I want another season of K, Kuroko's Basketball and Free! I'll keep wishing for more >.<

Blossoms Nov 20, 2014

Lol, you must think I love the "darker" setting but I will else enjoy a light hearted anime as well XD The only reason I don’t like animes like One Piece and Fairy Tail is because they drag out the plot too much and try to be clever about it. Thanks for the recommendations and enjoy your day!

Blossoms Nov 19, 2014

I have seen  Fullmetal Alchemist: brotherhood, Death Note, The irregular at magic High School, Code Geass and one of my favourites Zankyou no Terror. However, I did get a bit board with the really long animes like Fairy tail, One Piece and bleach. Do you have any recommendation which is like Yona?

Blossoms Nov 18, 2014

Yona is one of my favorite animes! What else do you like?

Blossoms Nov 17, 2014

Hi, I saw that you are watching Yona of the Dawn. Do you like the episodes so far?