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Gundam watch order

1.Gundam Origin 2.Mobile Suit Gundam 3.08th MS team 4.Gundam Thunderbolt 5.Zeta Gundam 6.ZZ Gundam (Double Zeta) 7.0080 War in the pocket 8.0083 Stardust memories 9.MS Igloo (Various OVA’s, various times before 0083) 10.Char’s Counterattack (0093) 11.Gundam Unicorn 12.Gundam F91 13.Victory Gundam 14.Turn A Gundam Then there is the CE (Celestial Era, Future UC): 15.Gundam SEED 16.Gundam SEED Destiny 17.Gundam SEED Stargazer Then RG (Reguild Century, future UC) 18.Reconguista in G Then AW (After War, alternative UC) 19.Gundam X Then AC (After Colony) 20.Gundam Wing 21.Gundam Wing Endless Waltz Then AD (Anno Domini) 22.Gundam 00 seasons 1 + 2 23.Gundam 00 Awakening of the Trailblazer Then FC (Future Century) 24.G-Gundam Then PD (post Disaster) 25.Iron Blooded Orphans Notable but not entirely Gundam Universe or Meta-Gundam: 26.Gundam Build Fighters 27.Gundam Build Fighters Try 28.Gundam Evolve (Various short films from different timelines)


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