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solarsiz May 22, 2021

hii you can read this manhwa on a variety of different sites online but I will link the site where I read it :) <----

LUCIIIII Apr 20, 2021

Hii!! I think that we have similer manga taste, so I decided to follow you!! <3

If I can ask what are your top 5 favourites?? :)

Anime GIFs | Tenor

chickietenders Jan 28, 2021

Oh and it's under the japanese name not the english one

StarJoon Jun 21, 2020

You can read beware of the villainess on Mangago or Animezone (IOS) !!!  Enjoy!!!!

Mentallysighing Jun 3, 2020

You’re welcome(:

It’s Kemono Michi: Rise Up it’s pretty funny all the main character cares about is animals x)