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Manga For Adult Femmes

Manga that is written for or appealing to adult women and femmes.

Manga for Adult Readers

Manga that is appealing to adult audiences. Manga on this list may contain mature themes and situations.

Manga & Light Novels for Middle School (6-8)

Titles that are relevant to middle grades. Titles that are considered "Essential" have been marked as such!

Manhwa In Print Or Coming to Print

Manhwa that is either in print now, or coming to print soon.

Romance Manga for Teens

A selection of recommended romance manga for teens!

Single Volume Manga

Manga available in a single volume. Must be a self-contained narrative or collection. (This list does not include ecchi titles, but does include Adult titles. Please refer to reviews and your collection development policy.)

Titles with Video Game Elements

Manga, manhwa, and light novels which contain video game elements. They could take place in game-inspired worlds, be about gamer culture, or have other video game elements. The key is that they somehow appeal to gamers, but are...