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First off; an apology for taking so long. It took quite a while to arrive and after that I had stuff to do, but here it finally is; Kashimashi Girl meets Girl. Eventually I watched as much as I could and then tried to draw out as much as I could from memory and Wikipedia. I just didn't want to keep delaying this. Please note that this was originally written with fowl language and I've edited it out so some of the words don't quite convey how I felt about the characters and plot.

Kashimashi is the first anime I saw on my anime-spree and when I first watched it I thought it was pretty damn good. After that I watched it again twice, once with my brother and another as a fan dub, but I'll be talking about the official DVD subbed release.

After seeing it again I realised that it wasn't as good as I had originally thought, it was rather slow and it took a whole episode to explain one thing. For those that aren’t familiar with the plot here's how it goes; Hazumu Osaragi confesses his love to Yasuna Kamiizumi only to be rejected. He then goes to the mountain to forget about it when a large space ship crashes down from space strain into him. He is killed and the aliens then declare, to the world, that they are sorry and that they have resurrected him with one slight flaw; he's now a girl. The rest is basically about Yasuna and Hazumu's child hood friend, Tomari Kurusu, trying to win over Hazumu's love. At first he is confused and says that he is going to be a girl and that he cannot love another girl. The alien, Hitoshi Sora, has moved into his house with an AIG of the ship named Jan Pu. He asks if same sex relationships are forbidden in this world making Hazumu reconsider. He then starts to go on trips and such with Yasuna and Tomari and sometimes with other friends of theirs. We find out that the reason the aliens are here is because they are investigating a lack emotional stimulation of love that Yasuna has been suffering from, they're investigating it because their entire planet has the same problem as Yasuna; they cannot see the opposite sex. Tomari and Yasuna then make an agreement that they will not pull the moves on Hazumu until he makes up his mind about which one of them he would like to have as a lover. This then leads to Yasuna then seemingly betray this trust as they Hazumu and Yasuna go to Tomari's trip location when she embraces Hazumu because she was scared of a guy that had passed. Tomari then gets angry at Yasuna and then confronts her about it. They get all angry and the love triangle really gets ruff for Hazumu as his best friend and childhood friend are falling out. Yasuna's condition then gets worse as she loses the ability to see neither male nor female faces. They go through some problems and then the story concludes as Hazumu picks Yasuna and she is freed from the evil curse.

But what then tore me apart was the bull that they put together as a last episode; it was a short montage as the rest of the story is told by voice over. There then was a montage of the things that happened in the anime and a song was played. This really sucked.

The cast was a hit and miss with some developed characters that were interesting and some that were a little annoying. First off Hazumu; he was a wimp, but that isn't too bad since it really brought out another character and gave them purpose. Yasuna was a little annoying as she really didn't know whether or not to go out with Hazumu, to me; she also ends up being a little mean as she eventually ditched Hazumu to go out with a guy. This seems real unfair on Hazumu because if he didn't change into a girl she never would have been cured and she would never have gone out with him then, she also acts really yuri up until Hazumu accepts her love. Tomari is one of the characters that I liked, she seemed plenty more developed and wasn't as soft as every other female, actually she was a lot tougher than everyone in the anime, she was quite clear headed until she thought about her relationship with Hazumu evolving. Her emotions are quite realistic and I thought that she was a very thoughtful person and did well having to put up with that pansy Hazumu. Ayuki Mari just plain annoyed me. This is because I really hate the characters that just stand back and watch as stuff happens and then talk to themselves about what they just saw, or even just say "interesting". She also gives pretty lame advice like stepping on to the stage or stepping off of it; really this should be stepping on the stage or just not stepping on it since Tomari wasn't really on the stage in the first place but I won't get into that. Asuta Soro was, in my opinion, quite a good character. He was a guy amongst girls and it really was quite an awkward situation. I mean, what would you do if your friend turned into a girl? I don't really want to know. But he, for some reason, fell in love with Hazumu, at least that was what I got from it, but it seemed that really he just wanted to see Hazumu's body, and I really don't blame him. Hitoshi is too alike to Ayuki, except that Hitoshi actually had a reason to be there. Jan Pu was a simple character but still quite effective, I still wonder if that ship actually malfunctioned or if Jan Pu sabotaged it to come to earth. She is mainly a side character but actually becomes helpful once when Hitoshi is asking Hazumu if it was wrong to be in love with the same sex as Jan Pu seems to be given as the example. The under developed characters and pointless ones seemed to be Hazumu's parents and Hazumu's teacher, as she just fell in holes and Hazumu's father just asked for Hazumu to get in the bath with him as Hazumu's mother beat him up.

The animation was really good. The colours were clear and the characters and set were broad. Movement was smooth and generally coherent. The plot was just as strange as I expected from the summary that I read and there was a different ending than in the manga, which I haven't read, but it sounds more dramatic in the manga. The running time was good and maybe a bit too long, but a 10 episode anime generally is too short so I think they just boosted it a bit. But in the manga I'm pretty sure that there are more scenes and thing that happen, so they could've just used that.


Next time I'll be doing: Zombies: Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? VS Highschool of the Dead (ep. 1-7). See ya then!



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8/10 overall

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