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JapanFreak Oct 20, 2015

thanks for the warnning

farcide Oct 19, 2015

well she is scary even if in the anime

farcide Oct 13, 2015

So your not terrified of balalakia? she scary as fuck 

animefreak17a Sep 7, 2015

sorry i forgot to add why i like seishin and why i dont see him as a traitor

i saw it from his point of view.....

when seishin and the doctor was kids the doctor said that they shouldnt do what the villagers wanted them to be and live their own lives ....... the vllagers was about tradition and keeping everything the same.

seishin tried to kill him self in collage because he felt like his life wasnt his own......... his father was the same he was brought up to become the next family head ....... and he had a stroke .....and seishin decided to stay because he didnt want to leave his father in that state while the villagers was forcing him to contiune his job.........

when the docotr and seishin grew up they gave in and just went along with what the villagers wanted....... didnt you even understand seishins story about abel and cain

basically cain and abel was the same person abel was the side everyone loved and did all the burdens that was stoud apon him and cain killed abel and freed him from his burdens so cain was free.

bassically if people love you becasue your doing things for them and doing  what they want you to do

In the manga it's stated that Abel did not like the people he lived with because they forced to be perfect and manage all duties they had given to him without asking for his opinion or will. He was happy to be killed by Cain and wanted Cain to kill him. Cain freed him from the burdens Abel had to shoulder. 

From what Muroi had said, it appears that Cain/Abel committed suicide, which seems to mirror Seishin himself as he attempted to take his own life in the past. and he was forced to take resposiblity for something he didnt want from the beginning ...... they forced him to become the next head monk without even asking him if he could.... it wasnt his choice.

i mean if you want to have people make your choices for you making you do what they want you to do then fine be my guessed....... but if others say that i have to...

believe what they believe

live how they live

do what they do

ect ect

then thats not living your living how others want you to live.... you have no choices.

and there are people out their who dont like others because of there diffrences and beliefs.

andd this is why i admire him ...... he chose what he was going to do and how he would live..... not what others wanted him to do.

if anything the doctor is the push over... he became the one thing he hated he became what others wanted him to be ... he wasnt living his life but livng for what other people wanted him to do.

i mean look at what he did to his own wife....... he married her because his mother told him to........ now if he did llove her then he wouldnt of expermented on her....... but nope he expermented on her while she was crying and begging him to stop ......AND SHE WAS THE SAME FUCKING PERSON ...... instead of trying yo help her he kills her without even flinching....... if it was me id help my mother or girlfriend or siblings who turned in to shiki....... i bet youd kill yours without hesitation ..... you have no love.

but instead he expermented on her like she wasnt the same person...... WHICH SHE FUCKING WAS....... the doctor was a push over and a hypocrite.

would you let other people chose how to live your life...... would you let other people chose what you should believe, would you?

the monk is the hero

the doctor is a push over hypocrite that cant think for him self

if anything.... the doctor is the traitor ... he knew the shiki was them self after becoming shiki but he kept that info to him self.

also what about the human who kill other humans and the way they killed the shiki in the series and manga .... if anything the humans are thee monsters.

look at migumi they mocked her because of what she wore and she felt like she didnt belong there ....... and to be honest i understand what she is going though i was in a situation like that in school i felt i didnt belong there and i hated it yes i understand migumi ..........but at least the village burned down and was destoyed which was funny lol

peace out

animefreak17a Sep 6, 2015

man you must really want attention .... its so laughable lol

ok il say this

suzaku wasnt the one who betrayed anyone.... in fact he wanted to save his country he wanted to help his fellow countrymen..... however lelouch was the one who betrayed him first.....

1 lelouch lied to suzaku about him being zero and he was trying to lie about euphy when he was in the cave.

2 lelouch tried to kill suzaku..... twice.........once in the cave, second when lelouch ordered kallen to kill suzaku

3 lelouch made suzaku out to be a traitor to his country which isnt true

4 lelouch was the one who murdered euphy and framed her....... euphy was the woman who suzaku loved

suzaku sided with brittannain because he didnt want to do it lelouchs way because lelouch betrayed their friendship and killed euphy and lelouch uses people like pawns....... hell suzaku even refused to use a drug on kallen to make her tell the truth ... he refused to be like lelouch ......... which i admire him for.

lelouch on the other hand betrayed everyone

he only used everyone to get what he wanted and do you know what that was....

get petty revenge on his daddy

find out what happened to his mother

make the world better for him and his sister nunnaly

NOW i can recall many times that he said why he went agsinist britannain

a few eps where he wants ti make the world better FOR nunnaly

he told jeramiah why he went against britannain in ep 13 r 2

and he obviusly hate his father for what he did to him and his sister

now before you say oh but he did it for the world........ well im going to stop you right there because i can name you a time when lelouch gave up and wanted to die because he thought he lost nunnal ... ep 19 r 2...... when his knigths found out who he was and what he was doing he decided to let him self die........ now when roolo saved him........ lelouch had a good chance to escape and start again but do you know what he said..........STOP ROLO NUNNALY IS DEAD I HAVE NOTHING TO LIVE FOR ANYMORE....... yeah he said this...... and

this is how little he cared about his knights who was killled in the blast ...... yeah he was told his knights was dead, the ones who went to get nunnaly....... and what does he say..... I DONT CARE ABOUT THAT.... ALL UNIT EVERYONE FIND NUNNALY...... i would of respected him if he just carried on even tho he did with.....



his knights

innocent people who died becasue of him

trying to kill his bestfriend.

but when nunnaly was tthought to have died..... he wanted to die.

now before you say.... OH BUT HE DID CARE ABOUT HIS KNIGHTS HE SAVED THEM IN SEASON 2........ well think about it like this,.......... would do you think he saved them..... it wasnt because he cared about them but because if he didnt then it would of made zeros imaige look bad and no one would trust zero again because he let his followers die and no one would want to work with him again....... hell he was going to use his geass on them when they found out about who he was in ep 19 r 2.

also if he knew that nunnaly still alive before he made the zero plan or before he kidnapped the world leaders then he wouldnt of contiuned it because to lelouch nunnaly was everything

now before you say oh but he contiuned when he found out she was alive...... well just think about it for second.......

where was lelouch when he found out that nunnaly was still alive ...... thats right he was in the middle of a war now lets conut down the reasons why he didnt turn back when he found out nunnaly was stiill alive......


2 he found out what happend to his mother

3 he killed both his parents

so after killing both his parents at this point lelouch really didnt have anything left to live for ......... also

his knights betrayed him

his brother was after him

suzaku wanted to kill him to avange euphy

and lelouch said fine ok you can kill me but let me clear euphys name .....thats the leasrt i can do and thats why suzaku decided to go along with lelouchs plan......... but his plan is to spill so much blood that everyone will forget euphy....... this plan is so idiotic that mentally handicapped people would say is stupid ........

near the end of the series he clams by making him self the world's most hated person alive...... now this is the most stupidest idea I have ever heard in my life because if you think about it from a logical point of view this can't and won't work.....

1 the people who survived the massacre

2 the people who lost loved one's at the massacre

3the people who heard it on the radio

4 everyone who saw it on tv....... worldwide

5 the events at the black rebellion

6 zeros speech about euphy.......... which by the way is still alive and is the very person who shot euphy and started a war with Britannia.

7 and the year that took place and everyone in the world knows about what happened at the stadium with the massacre..... even calling euphy the massacre princess.

8 also lets not forget that Lelouch was using Britannian soldiers and weapons and the whole of Britannia near the end of the series..... which I will also bring up another point about this later on.......... all these things happened and he expects that he can make everyone forget about euphy......... really..... **** really...... Ok those of you who are reading this just ask your self this......... would you ever forget someone who killed your loved ones and would you forget a mass murder right in front of your eyes and survived it...... no you wouldn't........ If anything this would just make everyone hate Britannia even more.

Which brings me to the point I said on no. 8........ when the massacre happened the black knights and the 11s started to hate Britannia even more because of Lelouch.... they believed that all the royals and Britannians are all evil because of what happened..... even ohgi started to believe this.. He actually said this, and let's not forget the 11s who almost killed Villetta they tried to kill her because of what happened at the stadium, also lets not forget what happened at the school, when the knights took over tamaki was about to hit one of Lelouchs friends but was stopped and tamaki was ready to kill them even when the students was unarmed, and then they lost the fight..............And then Lelouch near the end of the series did the same thing as euphy.....

he took part of the world leader summit seemingly peaceful and then he

1 said what his policies are which he would be the ruler of all

2 Kidnapped the world leaders

3 started a war which got millions killed

And when he won the war..... for some reason everyone only hated Lelouch, which is confusing..... I mean what did he do to make him self the only hated man alive .... think about it.... at this point you would of thought that the world would of had enough and killed the rest of the royal family including nunnaly...... also it was clear that everyone in season 1 hated Britannians even more when the massacre happened which is a clear reason to why they would hate them....... but in season 2 instead of hating all Britannians even more, everyone just hates Lelouch....... why just Lelouch.... I mean people who knows about Lelouchs geass would understand why Britannian soldiers would side with Lelouch but the rest of the world doesn't know about Lelouchs power..... so from their point of view and knowledge they would have more of a reason just to hate all Britannians again....... And this would only just remind people about euphys masscare.... think about it.

What about Jeremiah he was clearly on Lelouchs side

What about nina she created a weapon to stop the bomb

What about all of the soldiers who was on Lelouchs side

Don't anyone else get any hatred..... just Lelouch.... come on

1 Charles father of Lelouch and euphy

2 Lelouch brother of euphy

3 Britannia the same nation which euphy is apart of

It's so idiotic.

again suzkau never betrayed anyone

also if anything the only reason suzaku killed his father was because of two things.....

1 he thought it would stop the war becasue suzaku thought his father was in it for power

2 suzakus father was planning on killing lelouch and nunnaly to get in good with the royals ..... its in the novels.

if anything you should be thanking suzaku.

suzaku wanted to help others he never betrayed anyone ...... lelouch was the one who betrayed everyone not suzaku

ok about shiki and seishin

i sided with the shiki becasue i understand why they did what they did

Also have you seen what those hicks did too even before the shiki came to the village The villagers was arrogant They threatened a old man who had a stroke and was bed ridden to continue his job as the head monk of the shrine.... a job he was forced on to him the same as his son... they wanted them to be come something the villagers wanted without even asking if they wanted to do it......... look at the doctor.. He said that he an his friend the monk shouldn't become what the villagers wanted.... but the hypocrite became the one thing he hated. Look at migumi they mocked her because of what she wore and she felt so alone BECAUSE of them.... And look at that stalker girl who was following her around all the time she kept saying she was migumis best friend but you can see that migumi didn't want anything to do with her ... so it was a one sided thing. These hicks wants everyone to follow there rules and keep everything the same and wants everything there own way. Look what they did to the shiki Migumis death..... this was just sick The doctor experimenting on his wife....... just shows how much he cares about her. The pipe episode........ this was beyond sick. Singing, smiling, letting them burn in the sun slowly. Killing there fellow humans in the shrine The humans did worse then the shiki in fact the shiki was more humane then the humans But let me ask you this Why did the shiki do what they did........ Do you think just by walking up to them and telling the humans who they are and what they are and what they want and saying how they can get their blood without killing them........ do you honestly think the humans would openly accept them with open arms. Because if this was the case then they would of done it along time a go..... Look at sunakos back ground... She was a happy child with a well off family then one day she turned in to a shiki and what did her parents do... tell me what did they do.............. they locked her in a barn and moved away from her and she was in that barn for 20 years and she want looking for them for 50 years. Not once did they visit her, they abandoned her, Her own family. This gave her the idea humans would never accept her for what she is so if anything it's humanity's fault for making her do this....... Look at series and movies like Zuruko Naruto Wolf children Trigun Dance in the vampire bund X-Men Elfen lied Fruits basket The 4400 Tiger and bunny Spice and wolf And many more Have you even watched these series.... get back to me when you have And I know what your going to say....... oh bringing other series in to this have nothing to do with shiki mm........... Well I disagree with you Where do you think the creators of these series get their inspiration from........ that's right us the human race, we humans tend to fear what we don't understand....... hell we humans even look down and hate each other because of our differences Look at groups like Isis The kkk The Nazis Ect People hates others because of their Beliefs Skin colour Nationality Culture Ideals Sexuality Ect Now don't tell me I'm talking Bullshit because you know I'm right... there are people out there who aren't accepting to others because of our prejudices and discrimination. Now what I'm getting at is that sunako isn't non above.... she's a shiki a non human that drinks human blood...... this is something out of folklaw and myths that was past down in legends....... And this a village filled with old people who lives in simple times and not in New ways..... you can't just say.......... oh the villagers would accept her and her family if she just asked and then they would welcome her in to the village, because it wouldn't work so simply like that. Look at the risks.... What if the humans said no and hunted her. What if the humans said ok but a few was hesitant and tried ways to them out of the village even doing some dirty tricks to get people to turn against the shiki Or what if the captured them told the government they have monsters and would take them away to be experimented on. You can't just say they would accept her with open arms.... I don't know what the series would of done if they tried this route if the shiki camr in peace.... but I'm leaning towards these options more because it's the most likely of what would happen considering the tone of the series and what sunako went though years ago.... but again this is what would most likely happen... one of these options. I'm not agreeing what the shiki did was right. I'm not saying that but I understand why they did it..... We humans have taken over other lands from people The Americans The British The Russians The Pakistanis The Japanese Argentina France Loads of country's have done this for expansion of territory and greed an power. What did the shiki do it for.... a place to call home an not move around all the time ..... again I don't agree w he they did but again I understand why they did it. They couldn't just live in the village peacefully because of one thing...... can you guess what that is...... They can't age........... let's say for example sunako lives in the village without her telling anyone what she is an after 20 years people are still going to see the same little girl they saw from 20 years ago they are going to be suspicion and wondering why she hasn't aged and if they look in to it more they are going to find out she's a vampire and who knows what they will do to her..... again I don't know what would happen but it's a likely what could happen. I'm frustrated at the human supporters because you guy's don't see it from the shikis point of view...... all you see is monsters in the shiki and the humans hero's The monk as a traitor The doctor as a hero And this is what makes me angry... you don't see it fron the shikis points of view only the humans. Now before you say I'm a hypocrite because I side with the shiki and don't see it from the humans point of view.... I'm going to stop you right there and let me say this..... I have seen it from the humans point of view and to be honest I'd be angry and vengeful just like the humans would of been....... but here's the thing I saw it fron the shikis point of view and they didn't do it out of malice or hatred or because they was evil,.... they wanted be accepted they wanted to settle down they wanted a life...... but why couldn't they have that what was stopping them from having a home and being accepted for what they are....... yes it is us...... Just think about it for a sec.... If it was so easy for them to be accepted by humans then sunakos parents wouldn't of abandoned her and accepted her for what she is now then non of these things would of happened... And the villagers would of let the head mock chose what he wanted to do with his life and that includes the doctor and the junior ... they would of said.... you do what you want to do chose your own way of life. But no non of these happened Sunako was abandoned and this gave rise to trusting all humans And The junior monk rebelled against his oppressors and chosen what he was going to do with his life not what others wanted him to do. Get it now Watch those series I just told you about and then when you have watched them come back and talk to me what you saw and then maybe you'll understand why I sided with the shiki. I won't respond til you have watched them....

seishin understood the shiki he was trapped in a village of hicks who wanted everything to stay the same.

they threatened his father who had a stroke to contiune his job as head monk...... its in the manga

he talked to sunako he understood her and her family and why she did what she had to do.

if you look up heros wiki you will find seishin there and the doctor in villans wiki lol

you clearly don't get it do you. -_- again lets just say the shiki just asked the humans if they could stay and they told them who they are, what they are, what they need and ect ect do you honestly think they would let them stay and made arrangements to have them suck a humans blood and move to a different one without killing or turning them......... again no they wouldn't fact they would try to kill tem and maybe warn other people that there are vampires and they are real and would hunt them down. *and lets just say they just snuck around from a different human each night with out turning them or killing them...... how long do you think they can keep that up until they get caught by someone ...... look at it this way.......the symptoms of having there blood sucked would of made people of the village panic cause and wondering why everyone is getting these symptoms and if they caught the shiki they would of killed them*. look at dance in the vampire bund, these vampires are peaceful but the humans hate and fear them and even hate humans helps them.......go watvh the anime and manga look at ragnarok the animation therewas a half monster half human girl who didn't do anything wrong but she was hated and feared by the humans just because of what she was look at xmen ......the humans hate and fear the mutantsjust because of what they are. look at naruto ........he is hated in his villege because of a fox that's in side himand he didn't do anything wrong look at lucy from elfen lied.........I think il let you find that out for your self........but again didn't do anything wrong look at knives and vash from trigun they was hated and feared by a human in there early days just because of what they are and he beat them and hurt them and again they didn't do anything wrong spice and wolf tiger and bunny wolf children fruits basket mushishi banner of the stars blassrette and so on and so on humans hate and fear what they don't understand and is different from them. look it sunakos back story she loved her family and she was happy and she was turned in to a shiki and then her family abandoned her fearing her but heres the thing .....she was still her self when she turned look at what the humans did they killed the temple people for no reason but on suspicion and they was innocent. they killed the old lady shiki who went back to her daughter and the daughter was happy to have her mother back but she was betrayed by her friend and told the humans she was hiding a shiki. look at the old man they killed, instead of waiting for the effects to ware off they killed him. look at the people the humans killed in the pipes, they was bitten once and was killed for it. look what they did to migumi look what they did to the shiki who was in the pipes......why broke there legs and chained them to the floor and they was laughing and was angry at the guy who was killing them quickly sorry but I stand beside the shiki they still had there emotions and memory and personalities from when they was humans, if they was like zombies id understand but no they asnt sorry but again humans hate and fear what they don't understand.

your clearly a stupid idiot you hates anyone you doesnt agree with you