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lindapearl Dec 2, 2015

what brings you to my profile?

LichtundSchatten Dec 2, 2015

It honestly depends on the troll. Some trolls are fun and acceptable, while others are just annoying, such as you. And you can easily accept the blame for actually doing the trolling. There is little peace in this world, and the little left clearly can't derive from the Internet, I now see. Because of nuisances like you. And I said nothing about forcing you to change your torrenting habit. All I said was that you're destroying your own hobby. 

LichtundSchatten Dec 1, 2015

Alright then, I apologize for the misunderstanding. However, you can't expect me to know that considering how much you act otherwise. Bye, troll.

LichtundSchatten Nov 23, 2015

I am aware that I am not a part in your seemingly intense hate for animefreak17a. However, I can see that you are taking matters way too far. You advertise with not only comments around the site, but with even your avatar and header, your consistent bashing of this user. Something may have occurred that I am not aware of at the current moment to make you act so childishly, but I doubt that's justification for your foolish actions toward animefreak17a. Thank you for taking time to read this. 

And while I'm on your profile, you do realize torrenting your anime damages the industry right? It's fine, every otaku is guilty of doing that, but when and a majority of otakus do the same consistently, you're tearing the industry apart slowly. Manglobe went bankrupt because of that.