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plssignmeinthisbs Sep 29, 2016

XD Animefreak17a, Your Profile Pic Has Hes Name In It, Says "Animefreak17a Has No Butthole (Thats Why He's So Full Of Crap)

plssignmeinthisbs Sep 28, 2016

Holy Shit, Why Do You Hate Animefreak17a So Much What Did He Do

Your Ok Not To Answer Me If You Don't Want To kek

sothis Jun 21, 2016

Ah, if there's a similar comment this person made to you, I'd like to see it, as he/she would get the same message from me. Still, that doesn't make the reply any more allowed on the site. If you see something like that in the future, please report it and I can take action. 

sothis Jun 17, 2016


"Animefreak17a is an angry little pissant with bad taste in EVERYTHING. I pity his family. "

Bullying/name calling/generally harassing others isn't allowed on Anime-Planet. Please refrain from leaving comments like this again.

LichtundSchatten Dec 26, 2015

Finally, somebody who agrees.