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Amagi Brilliant Park

Jan 22, 2015

This anime was entertaining.  Now, I dont watch a lot of anime in this catagory, so taking my word for it might not be a good idea.  I just know that I wanted to watch it every week.  I thought this anime was very charming though.  

Story: very different, but not a bad kind of different.  I suppose I mean unique.  I love seeing unique ideas.  I havent given it a 10 yet because the story is not finished yet.  However they did a great job making a cascading storyline.  There is a larger problem behind the initial problem.  That makes for a great second season that will hopefully wrap everything up.  the story was touching though.  Lots of characters, fun place and doing fun things.  

Animation:  I just wrote my review on argevollen.  That anime is an action shounen kind of anime, this one beat it with regards to animation as well as artwork.  Granted Argevollen was bad, but I rather enjoyed the animation and artwork of Amagi as well.  Not perfect, but pleasing.

Sounds: Op and end were good, sad music really put me in the mood and happy music was. . . well happy.  not much to say here, I find that action animes are more challenging in the music department, but Amagi did well enough.

Characters: tons of fun characters, you should recognize some characters as well.  They are all pretty hilarious and I found that it wasnt too hard to get into the characters.  Every kind of dynamic appears in the characters.  Lots of building as well for only 12 episodes. I know there will be more character building to come in season 2 (assuming there is one), so im looking forward to it.

Overall:  Sorry about this review, I kind of rambled a bit.  Basically, this anime was super fun to watch and kept me engaged and chuckling all the way through.  The main story was deep and moving for me.  Of course the risk of death always helps a little bit, and these kinds of animes typically dodge that kind of thing.  Regardless of that small detail however, it was enjoyable.

I highly reccommend watching this anime

10/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall

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