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Legend of Legendary heros caught my eye in an amv.  It was the 3rd episode and you will know why it caught my eye when you see that episode.  I had started it previously and then read that it did not cover the entire light novel.  At that, I put it down.  I returned to it after some consideration.  Im glad I did.  It has a "political" tag, which means that it was going to get crazy.  Well it did and I really ended up loving it.

At first I was annoyed at how Ferris always beat the crap out of Ryner for no reason. It kind of seemed halfway like she liked him as a travel partner and half that she just hated him.  In other words. It didnt even really seem like she was a tsundere.  However as the episodes continued and as the plot twisted she ended up showing that she really cared for Ryner and eventually trusting him deeply.

again if an anime does not cover the full story, then it cannot get a 10.  granted this one didnt reach 10 status, but my point is that it was good, and they should have finished covering the full light novel.  It was worth the closure at a 9.  It was magic and castles and war and evil and good and all the fun stuff that you want to see in a good anime (not intending to constrict what qualifies as a good anime but you get my point).  So I was kind of bummed to finish and realize that it was done.  They left off at a good point too.

Story: Great.  tons of stuff to keep you busy.  this could have been an amazing 65 ep anime to cover all of the light novels.  Kept me going the entire time.

Animation:  what i would expect from modern animation, nothing extra special.

Sound: again, what I would expect but not amazing.

Characters: loved them.  Even Sion towards the end.  They gave a good reason as to why he became the way he did.  But the way the characters developed and acted in many situations was very awesome.  Really enjoyed the character building.

Overall: I recommend Legend of Legendary Heros.  I hope you enjoy it!

10/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall

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