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2017 Anime Completed

All the anime I watched in 2017

2018 Anime Watched

All the anime I watched in 2018

Absolute Best

The 20 best animes I have watched in my 5 years as a anime fan (2010-2015)

Anime Letdowns

Animes I have completed that I was excited for or interested in but ended up being bad/boring/not worth the hype.

Anime Surprises

Anime I ended up liking more than I expected. They could be ones way out of my interest range (High School of the Dead) or ones I watched on a whim (No Game No Life)

Banzai! Action Anime

Kickin' ass and taking names. My favorite in the action genre

Fame Isn't Everything

Overhyped Underwhelmers

Gateway Anime

Some of the first ones I ever watched actually knowing that they were "Anime" and not cartoons.


Get ready for Halloween with the best of the Horror genre.