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I honestly don't know why I watched this. Perhaps because I'd just finished Ao Oni ~ the Animation that I thought, you know what? Let's give the movie a try. The anime was cute and funny, so let's see how the movie shall be.

I regretted that decision.

Immediately, you are greeted by a 3D animation, and not even a good one. The mouths are out of sync, the faces, if they aren't bland and unmemorable, look kind of terrifying (I realised why this was considered a horror, though I don't think it's the same reasons they wanted it to be). They also all have either very little or no personality; my favourite character, Perfume-Man, as I call him, probably had the most personality, having a knack for sensing perfume and failing at scaring his classmates. I mean, I'd be pretty scared too if my classmate had no nose unless they were looking away from me and the face of a frog.

The music is nothing exciting throughout the entire movie. The only interesting thing is that they use the same sound from the game when Ao Oni appears.

When I started watching it, I immediately regretted my decision. Not only was the animation bad, the characters looked atrocious, the dialogue was a little bland and it was so slow! It took half the movie before anything happened. But somehow, I was drawn in. Probably because the movie was so atrocious I felt compelled to watch it. And by the time I completely regretted my decision, I was already half-way through the movie.

I was upset enough that I'd forced myself to watch but something about the terrible, terrible deaths - I don't mean good terrible, I mean sitting there, just blinking and trying to figure out how something so badly animated and horribly timed could have possibly found its way into an already terrible movie - coerced me to continue watching the movie.

And so I did.

And so I regretted.

Even if the story at the beginning is mildly interesting, in the last third of the movie, when they explain everything, it all goes downhill. Nothing seems to make sense, it seems extremely rushed and it is SO GODDAMN UNSATISFYING that I had to sit for a few moment, trying to cast out the anger that had arisen in me.


  • Bad music
  • Terrible story
  • Even worse animation
  • And absolutely no character depth

Don't waste your time with it, unless you enjoy long, painful movies that cause anger and dissatisfaction.

It's not actually long, it's only an hour, but when you're watching something this bad, it certainly feels like eternity.

1.5/10 story
1.5/10 animation
2/10 sound
1.5/10 characters
1.8/10 overall

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