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Sianeka Jan 6, 2017

teamblank says..  Oh and merry christmas jeez i wish i was more observent sometimes lol

Sorry so much for my long delay in replying.  I've just been super busy running around this holiday season, and it seems there just isn't enough time to go around and get to the things I want or need to do! *sigh*

No worries. Thanks for the warm wishes.  May 2017 be a WONDERFUL year for us all!  And have a great anime day!

teamblanksays...  haha yeah its hard sometimes my WtW and watching lists were getting quite out of hand for awhile though i've managed to reign them in a bit which is nice. Oh btw from the new world is a fantastic show it can be a little dull in parts but the story is absolutely fantastic another show you migh wanna pickup at some point if you enjoy that one is No.6 its similar in parts but so much very different :)

I managed to get my Secret Santa shows watched by Christmas.  They were all very enjoyable, although flawed in some way... (Here's what I thought of From The New World.)  Thanks for the No. 6 suggestion.  It's now on my WtW list and I'll try to get to it soon!

Sianeka Dec 13, 2016

teamblank says...  just when i thought i was catching up with you in hours you still got a month's worth ahead of me lol i will catch up one day XD hows it going?

I don't know how I did that when it seems to me that I NEVER have enough time to watch anime!   LOL

(I currently am trying desperately to find the time to watc my Secret Santa anime:  This year, I got:

1. Death Parade - Prolly my most anticipated; have wanted to see this and Death Billiards for a long time now. Am gonna watch both!

2. From the New World - Have heard many good things about this anime but have put this off because of Monster Rats in the plot description. Now I'm gonna tackle those Rats head on!

3. Level E - although on my WtW list, I'd totally forgotten about this one, and it's like a totally new-to-me option! Looking forward to seeing it and happy Santa brought this to my attention. (Plot summary sounds intriguing, I can see why I'd WtW it!)

All are on my Want to Watch list and I finally now have a good excuse to make the time to watch them!!!

Sianeka Sep 18, 2015

Thank you! Am now following you! Keep in touch and leave me a comment on my profile page any time - I'd love to hear from you!

Sianeka Sep 17, 2015

teamblank says...  Hey finally caught your welcome comment and message i think its great that your doing that. imo the anime world should work together cause after all we all love anime keep at it i definitely support your welcoming club as well

Thank you!  So sorry for my delay in getting back to you.  Life just has this way of interrupting everything you have planned to do! *wry grin*

I am adding you as a WECO Club Supporter, and I thank you much!!! (Club Supporters are important members of the club. Their endorsement really benefits the club by boosting morale, and by helping to increase the club’s reputation and visibility on the site!)  If you ever want to be more involved, just let me know and I can help you take a more active part in the club, but nothing more is required.  While I love the club's Greeters, who do the welcomes and who are very special people, endorsements are also very cool and we love our Club Supporters.  Nothing more is needed. No obligations. If that is the role that is best for you, I thank you very much for your support!  (If you are interested in doing welcomes and actually greeting new members as part of the club, just get back to me to let me know and I can send info about becoming a Greeter.)

(If you want, feel free to use a WECO banner in your forum signature or on your profile page. They are here, if you want one, but no obligation to use one if you don't wish to.)

Heroine Sep 6, 2015

Hello and welcome to Anime-Planet! Hope you'll enjoy your time here. :3