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ScorpioVelvet Aug 23, 2018

Love the new avatar, pal. :)

Kudos to Nadia.

ScorpioVelvet Aug 20, 2018

Thank you for the follow back.

So I see your point on Nadia, yet I still have to catch up on watching that though. The English dub cast for Nadia is pretty cast from how they sound & fit in (including Nadia & Jean, of course ^_^) I must add in as well. It even inspired Disney to make Atlantis: The Lost Empire in some parts, too, don't forget as for some trivia.

Right now, I'm almost finished with Gunbuster (another classic mecha anime by Gainax) as well about to start season 3 of Attack On Titan and also must finish re-watching Witch Hunter Rboin too.

ScorpioVelvet Aug 13, 2018

You've got great taste in some of the very best anime around (then & now), for which I like, pal. :)

Hope everything is working out well on this site for you, always welcome to discuss good stuff or ask for help whenever you feel like it. ;)