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Sad Historical Manhwa Female Lead

Historical manhwas with female leads that have a depressing life. These are some historical manhwas that I have read before with sad female protagonists. You can tell which manhwa I have read recently based on the amount of details haha
1 How to Win My Husband Over

How to Win My Husband Over

Ruby was an orphan in South Korea before being adopted by a wealthy Spanish family who used her to make themselves look better. She was soon reincarnated into a novel, where the character she became had a life similar to hers and they were both like a tool used by their family. Her brother abuses her, and her father does not care about her. This has traumatized and made the female lead depressed to the point where she can't tell the difference between reality and fiction.

2 I Am the Real One

I Am the Real One

Keira tries to be perfect in order to receive her father's attention, but she never receives his love. Until a girl named Cosette claims to be his real daughter one day. Keira was eventually executed by her father after he was manipulated by her words. She was then given the opportunity to go back in time and change her life.

3 Kill the Villainess

Kill the Villainess

Eris is reincarnated as a villain in a novel she read recently. The life of Eris, the villainess, is very depressing because Eris has no one to rely on but herself. The crown prince absolutely despises her and her father does not care about her. Everyone just assumes she has an easy life

4 The Broken Ring: This Marriage Will Fail Anyway

The Broken Ring: This Marriage Will Fail Anyway

The female lead has a tragic past, she has lived 2 lives (I'm not sure if it's 2 or 3). In her first life, she had killed her husband who was a rapist. Then in the second one, the female lead runs away with a man and has a child with him, the child dies and the husband is killed by someone. After her 1st and 2nd life, she had given up hope of finding happiness. In her current life, she chose a guy who is immature and a cheater just so she can divorce him when she's older and run away to live a cozy life.

5 The Fantasie of a Stepmother

The Fantasie of a Stepmother

Honestly, her life is sad because she was sold off and had to get married at a young age, not only that, but she had to take care of her stepsons and stepdaughters after her husband had died. 

6 The Flower Dances and the Wind Sings

The Flower Dances and the Wind Sings

I can't come up with details for this one. So here's a source that perfectly explains the details: Novel Updates Forum

7 Villains Are Destined to Die

Villains Are Destined to Die

In the novel, the protagonist is often seen as a villainess because she took their sister's place. She has had a difficult past in her past life, having been an orphan and finding comfort in books about royalty and romance. Despite her hardships, she remains a strong and determined female lead.

8 What It Means to Be You

What It Means to Be You

Just a really sad manhwa that has a female lead wanting to die. I can't provide a lot of details because it's been so long since I read this manhwa. It's better to read the plot

9 Your Throne

Your Throne

I forgot a lot of details but here are some that I remember. Medea is the daughter of the Duke and the Duchess. In order for her to receive love from her mother, she trains to be the most intelligent person in the empire. Not only that, she wanted to be more than just a duke's daughter. One day, she had the opportunity to become the crown princess and she went for it. 

One fact: her nanny whom she loved was killed by her father, and this made her hate her father.


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